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[Game Builder Garage Tutorial] Cookie Clicker Setup

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In this Game Builder Garage tutorial I create a simple setup for a Cookie Clicker game in GBG.

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  1. Make another tutorial!

  2. I enjoyed it (although I’m not making it) but I was wondering if you could make a gun/blaster for in 3d

  3. Hey! Just checking if you're working on the custom character still 🙂

  4. Hi oribloop when are you going to make how to make a RPG game part 3 please?

  5. If you want the background to be bigger so the game screen can be bigger too the make a texture that's all one color just use the paint bucket function, then you can get all the boxes you need and connect the textures to the. Make sure the textures display on all sides, then make the boxes invisible and there won't be any edges

  6. How do you connect a mouse to game builder I think that would be useful for me

  7. can you make a second part of this to do with upgrades like in cookie cliker.

  8. I love your tutorials, they pretty much taught me all the mechanics I know in this game

  9. How do you make a bedwars or a horror game like piggy

  10. I literally started making my own clicker game 2 days ago and a guide comes out now its almost finished too

  11. Of all things… A COOKIE CLICKER!?

  12. I made a cookie clicker game G 003 L2MXR8

  13. Would love to see a part 2 with buildings (as the game calls it) and upgrades, but the autoclick mechanic would be complicated lol

  14. Oribloop can you do the golf setup because idk how to make a golf game

  15. He sounds more energetic in his newer videos

  16. Can you make a tutorial to make objects respawn after you break them

  17. I have a tutorial a ground pound tutorial

  18. Your tutorials have been great and was hoping you could go over making computers do an action at random intervals and or making one on a point system and making the person with the higher points win thank you and keep up the great work

  19. When You Get 3K Subs, Do A Face Reveal!

  20. Can you do a tutorial about a gun you can pick up

  21. love ya tutorials, you made my creations on gbg greater!, keep ya content great

  22. How are you going with the block place?

  23. If y’all want only the counter part here’s the cookie clicker already done for you: G 001 5V2 93N

  24. i actuelly maded a Shop for my cookie clicker

  25. Super nice vid! If possible, could you show how to make one sound effect play after a different one has been played? Like for example a piano slam plays after a fail sound effect! I was gonna try to use the different woman keyboard notes to make something that sounds like dialogue but couldn't succeed

  26. Help! So I'm trying to make a level. One of the mechanics is that if you stand in a touch sensor nodon it will give you 5 points but you need 10 points to win. There are to touch sensors that will give you points but I cant make it work!

  27. I watched your tutorial and I made this.

    G 000 N5T FN7

  28. « I am gonna go ahead » and subscribe to this channel

  29. im sorry i wasnt able to watch this in time my cat dies so i couldnt watch it im so sorry

  30. Do you play other people gbg games? If so then here are some cookie clicker games.
    V1 G 007 L4Y JB5
    V2 G 006 JXB 65B
    V2.5 G 006 47G MJ6
    V3 G 004 5LW 79N

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