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[Full stream] – Cookie Clicker

fruit salad
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  1. "This vod isn't doing that well"


  2. If you're looking for more weird and unique idlers you should check out the paperclip one. Its minimalist but has a variety of different mechanics depending on what stage of the game you're in so as the story progresses you get little refreshers along the way.

  3. See this is why i love grayfruit cuz i have thought about doing a cookie clicker stream (for my measley 6 subscribers) and repeatedly thought "nah, who would even watch that." me. i would watch a cookie clicker stream.

  4. Is grayfruit's opinion on skylar spence the prevailing one? I actually really like his voice and lyrics.

    (also, ken ashcorp music is so incredibly embarrassing but unfortunately, it bangs.)

  5. I like these streams where greyfruit just talks about his life, it's comfy

  6. Another stupid satirical game I love is DLC quest, it predicted a lot of uses for dlc today and I think it would be funny if you played it :^) pretty please with a cherry on top

  7. most streams are “guy plays videogame and talks occasionally”

    this stream is “guy talks and plays videogame occasionally”

  8. was not expecting talk about the living tombstone and kitsune² (especially during a big lapfox kick) going into a grayfruit cookie clicker vod
    actual incredible streamer

  9. The Cursed Sandwich saga continues

    Moldy Bread
    Metal Shaving Cheese

    What shall come next?

  10. wait holy shit is this objectively the best stream on the planet to chill with? gray delivers AGAIN

  11. Can someone tell me what fromulent means? I've never heard this word and I'm pretty sure I'm spelling it wrong cause I couldn't find anything when I googled it… He talks about it at 41:15

  12. Didn't expect to see Halleys lab on a grayfruit stream

  13. oh he watched smiling friends, does anyone know if he talked about further it in a previous stream recently?

  14. candy box is personally one of my favourites as its almost a more simplified version of progress quest

  15. This is the high octane shit i was looking for

  16. this is the sequel to that musical Insaniquarium stream.

  17. The holy trinity:

    Moldy bread, roof water, and metal cheese.

  18. gray is giga based for even knowing who cyriak is

  19. Im trying to get really stoned and im just gonna rip and tear until this is over, wish me luck.

  20. There was this really good idle game on coolmath games called idle dice where you'd get more or less money depending on getting higher numbers or sets like "two of a kind". It's a shame it's not as popular as cookie clicker

  21. I remember hearing artificial intellegence bomb before but I dont remember where, probably the !Dice! Video

  22. It is scientifically proven at this point that cookie clicker creates the most interesting and unexpected conversations ever. Nuts to military ration cheese to nfts and I'm not even halfway into the stream. Amazing.

  23. Here's a bunch of info you did not ask for:
    The game's changed a lot – There are a LOT more achievements now than before.
    The "other" console chat was talking about is where you change your name (next to (name)'s bakery) to "(text) says open sesame"
    chat was right about the number being too big for your clicks to matter and tick up the number because each 0 there was 1billion. To fix the issue where this seems like it's not working, you can go into "options" and change your "display number" settings. Right now it's on the setting to display large numbers in a shorter form because when you're making, like, heptadecillions of cookies, it becomes impossible to read in a normal format.
    source: i really like cookie clicker

  24. I have ad block on my mobile browser and installed a custom YouTube app to avoid ads

  25. As someone that just bought a new sink that has motion controls, I feel personally attacked

  26. The worst part about not watching this game live is that you can’t even ask the streamer to buy 100 cursors at once. You just have to watch and suffer. Otherwise, fun vid tho. I always tell myself that I wanna make a fan edit, but I might actually do it with this vod…

  27. in teen titans , i think like the young justice universe, that alot of the heros dont get a happy ending so that might be it too

  28. Brodyquest is the only thing i know about adrien brody

  29. never understood one thing about cookies. why cant i have the cookie without , chocochips/oatmeal/rainsin.
    i only wanna eat the cooked cookie dough not the rest. bullhonkey

  30. Talking about weird ads, I got porn as an ad on youtube, also in Among Us

  31. Not playing the steam version smh, throw ortiel a few bucks the guy deserves it

  32. would love to see grayfruit play through candy box 2 at some point

  33. 1:30:44 unironically did the same, and can confirm it has to be the catchiest everlasting song ever. burned into my brain it is

  34. RIP to my 5yo cookie clicker savefile
    even after the end of flash it still worked (somehow)
    Sadly the last time i tried to boot up cookie clicker, the page shown that its unavailable FML

  35. Its nice how he mentioned that he thinks Tomska got depression because he "fell from grace" and not because his best friend (ed, edsworld, which he mentioned moments earlier) had "literally died" of cancer. As he puts it. Jacob has the capacity to be such an massive douche sometimes.

  36. I don't have an Ad Blocker I have premium, the price of it is fairly cheap and I watch YouTube on several things so an adblocker isn't worth much to me and its the only way I know of to get music on my phone since they shut Google Play Music down

  37. It Struck me with terror when greyfruit played a musictrack in stream I knew i had on my phone.

    But then he utterly misnamed it "flickering stars" when it's called "Funky Stars"

    It's some rather obscure Chiptune track found in a 24h complication only

  38. The only reason Crytpo exists was to buy illegal drugs online.

  39. 1:12:05 he not wrong but Tomska (the freind in question) did try and seems pretty remorsfull for how it turned out, he just wanted to give the fans a send off but bit off more then he coukd chew in a time of grief

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