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** Finally! – Cookie Clicker Cheats On Android – All Versions **

Jake Mitchell
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Hey Guys,

Finally! Some Explaining.
Andriod doesn’t have any way to cheat around the game, which is pretty interesting seeing you can basically completely root the phone!
So for the actual Cookie Clicker Andriod App – It’s currently impossible to cheat, it kind of sucks but we’ve got another way!

Computer Version –
Clearly a phone version is much better, but when we have no other choice, it will do the job just nicely, everything is the same, it’s just optimised for the computer, as per the android app!

Tested On Android – 4.3

So –

Go To Cookie Clicker! –

Type In The URL Bar – “javascript:Game.cookies = 1000000”

Then You’re Done,

We’ve given you suggestions, that you can just copy into the bar.

Easiest – javascript:Game.cookies = Infinity = You’ve won straight away – Great For Showing Off!

Easy – javascript:Game.cookies = 100000000 – You’ll slide through like butter!

Medium – javascript:Game.cookies = 10000000 – Lower Cookies, May make it harder!

Hard – javascript:Game.cookies = 1000000 – You’ve just got a boost, what now?

Extreme – javascript:Game.cookies = 100000 – If you can do it, prove it!

CRAZYEXTREME – javascript:Game.cookies = there’snouseputtinginthisjustplaythegame!


  1. What an incredibly misleading video title, if I could take my view back, I would.

  2. just don't cheat and its ok there is no point in cheating

  3. Then why the fuck did you make the title that you dumb ass

  4. That was replay misleading. You titled it HACK FOR COOKIE CLICKER ANDROID. Where's the hack?

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