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FEED ME MORE COOKIES! (Cookie Clicker)

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  1. Hey there has been an update. I've been looking forward too seeing you post again.

  2. there is 1/10000 chance a shiny wrinklers will spawn if u pop it it takes 12 clicks but it gives u shadow achievement called Last Chance to See by popping the shiny wrinklers also u can rename to something saysopensesame and hold control and click the wrinklers and these will turn to shiny ones

  3. please please please please post another epsode

  4. At this point I am convinced the cookies have gotten to Llama’s mind and he is starting to slowly lose his sanity

  5. You're pretty much in the endgame. There's a couple of tricks you could do to speed up getting the last few upgrades, but this is pretty much it. You've proven your wealth with the cookies, the economy has reached its peak, being wealthy doesn't mean anything anymore. Welcome to the end of the world.

  6. Is the swarm sim evolution series discontinued?

  7. For a second, i though you made a video with Arlo.

  8. Why is this guy so underrated ? I love this content.

  9. Please continue this series, me and my brother love it so much!

  10. You should check out the stock market minigame! It's really cool, and you accidentally bought it by leveling up your banks. Remember; buy low, sell high!
    Cheers! -stalemate

  11. there are some heavenly upgrades that only show up when your total prestige level ends in 7, 777, and 777777 btw

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