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Easy Auto Clicker Cookie Clicker Hack 2022 | 🍪 Easy Hack

Yeah Buddy Dad
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Auto Clicker | This is the number 1 #cookieclicker hack and you have got yourself an #autoclicker (auto clicker) | let me know in the comments section how it works for you. Huge thank you to my friend @pixidy for sending me this code!


00:00 Yeah Buddy
00:25 Open Dev Tools
00:55 Autoclick those cookies
01:15 Get all the cookies


  1. It don’t work for me I copied and pasted it

  2. bruh just casually hacking the game codes

  3. For lazy people who wanna copy paste the code:var intervalID = window.setInterval(myCallback, 1);

    function myCallback() {

  4. Where Wendy Travels, Where Wendy Creates says:

    Awesome. New subscriber here

  5. Another home run dude! This one really ties cookie clicker together! 🍪

  6. Cookie clicker hack:any name say saysopensesame

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