COOKIE SIMULATOR 2015 - A Cookie Clicker Ripoff AND Unity Asset Fest In One -

COOKIE SIMULATOR 2015 – A Cookie Clicker Ripoff AND Unity Asset Fest In One

Jim Sterling
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From the same “developer” who did Uncrowded:

Truly shameless. There are, apparently, no bloody depths these glorified Duplo builders won’t sink to.


  1. This reminded me that I haven't played Cookie Clicker in a while. Time to get back to that.

  2. Gadget Boy says "wowsers" or more specifically "wowsers-bowsers"
    I need to get out more I know….

  3. Also thankfully this guy seems to have taken this off the market

  4. What, no Grandmapocalypse? Those guys don't get what was making Cookie Clickers great. 🙂

  5. 3 biscuits did not like this video…

  6. As a game developer, (not unity) i an fucking insulted. as jim said on an earlier video, "glorified lego builders, and nothing more."

  7. The creators of the unity engine must feel like oppenheimer.

  8. I can't eat the cookie, so this simulator isn't good enough

  9. this is why there is no Unreal Engin 4 asset games because they are soul ripping expensive and there is only a few

  10. Maybe these people are baiting those who find these practices appalling into calling them out so they get free publicity. I have no proof, this is just pure conjecture.

  11. For shame shitty developer #754, if you're going to try to sell me another Skinner Box the least you can do is take out the raccoon corpse and give it a fresh coat of paint.

  12. DO YOU KNOW WHATS EVEN BETTER, the picture of the cookie that is different, its the 6th image in google image search for "cookie"

  13. People will continue to do this for as long as people let them get away with it. I don't know if there's any sort of legal restriction on what you can do with assets you buy, I think most people allow it for commercial use and don't put any restrictions.

    Only engine I can think of where people develop art/scripts/etc… and DON'T allow you to use them commercially is RPG Maker. Unless you ask for their permission and probably give them money, which I guess might be fair. I don't know how it would hold up in court if it ever gets there, if someone uses their free scripts/assets in a commercial game regardless of their permission.

  14. This is getting to the point where it's just silly, do these 'developers' have any shame ?

  15. They cut off the trailers so that you don't see the unity logo at the end

  16. I just want to know why the cookie is spinning on a layer of cracked ice… Why is there ice…?

  17. What Valve need to do is charge $100 dollars extra before allowing a game have "Simulator" in the title be sold. That and giving Steam users more sophisticated search options to help filter out the total shite.

  18. I guess they took it off steam though. But honestly, who would be foolish enough to buy these games in the first place?

  19. cookie clicker, i played it for months when bored at work, multiple resets, world domination. then i got bored and quit one day. this looks far worse.

  20. wow… this is disgusting.  I've lost faith in steam… I guess there is always….origin. uughh I felt like a whore just saying that…

  21. Mount Your Friends developer talking about shitty games. LOLWUT

  22. Unity really needs to start suing people for this shit.

  23. I can no longer find this clear case of plagiarism on greenlight

  24. I never understood the appeal of clicker games, you click a few times then sit back and watch giant numbers roll in, click again to see even bigger? Sounds boring =/

  25. Why am I not doing this? Why am I wasting my time with education, training, actual fucking effort… When this kind of shit is apparrently profitable enough for the same person to do multiple times? I give up.

  26. I was so good at CookieClicker once I got an autoclicker program. God, shit was CRAZY!

  27. Inspector Gadget was also known to say "Wowzers"

  28. The guy who made the original version never knew this existed until now, lol

  29. Cookie Clicker is a guilty pleasure for me. It's mindless and basic, but that is why I like it.

  30. I'm am avid user of unity, and I am insulted that people do this.

  31. Uugh… I can't look at that background for less than five seconds

  32. I resent that remark! flipping a house takes some effort!

  33. This is partly why I don't sell full projects on the Asset Store. It's also because I'm lazy to comment my code and organize my project.

  34. As it turns out, that cookie was taken off of google images. It's one of the first few images shown when searching "cookie".

  35. Is Clicker Heroes really on Steam? wow..i mean i liked it on Kong but man not worth to pay for.

  36. If you google "cookie", the texture he swaped on the cookie is literally the first image.

  37. You can't really compare house flipping because in those cases you have to change enough things about the product in order to make a profit, since you only have a singular transaction and can't sell multiple copies of the house below the purchase price. Also AFAIK Unity asset packs are fully functional; flipped residences often start out defective and dilapidated, meaning a more apt comparison would be someone modding a game filled with bugs and reselling it.

  38. What's sad is after some dabbling in Unity, I'd say you could easily pump out the basis of a clicker game comparable to the $5 example in like a day or less.

  39. This is worse then flipping a house, because at least when you flip a house, you have to actually work and make the house better or fix it up better then before. You actually have to put work into it, unlike this where they either pay for a basic asset or pirate it and sell it as is with nothing to improve it.

  40. You're being terribly unfair; it doesn't look like MS Paint art at all.

    No no, that's clearly MS Word clipart.

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