COOKIE CLICKERS (iPhone Gameplay Video) -

COOKIE CLICKERS (iPhone Gameplay Video)

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Lonnie plays Cookie Clickers – Part 1 (iPhone Gameplay Video)

This is part 1 of my video game commentary playthrough / walkthrough series of “Let’s play Cookie Clickers” for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and any other iOS devices.

In this episode, 1,000 cookies! Who wants one?

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More info about the Cookie Clickers game app:
The most exciting web “cookie game” has arrived on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.
Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment!
The game is very simple:
– Bake as many cookies as you can by clicking or tapping on a giant cookie as fast as you can.
– As soon as you have enough cookies take a trip to the shop and use your cookies to buy upgrades to bake cookies even quicker!
Cookie Clickers seemingly endless gameplay will allow you to play for an indefinite amount of time, or at least until you bake such as an extraordinary amount of cookies, your device will not be able to count them anymore.
Become the Cookie Clicker Master…. be the first to bake 1 BILLION cookies!
Don’t waste time… start now, your friends have already started and you need to catch up…. Quick!
*** GAMECENTER enabled for Cookies Leaderboard! ***
!!! Cookie Clickers is the remake for iOS platform of the web game “Cookie Clicker” by Orteil42 available at the web site
( Description via iTunes store / )

Thanks for watching my “Cookie Clickers – Part 1” iPhone gameplay video! ^_^


  1. This is a copy of the original game Cookie Clicker made by Orteil and it should be banned from the appstore. Yes, Cookie Clicker was based off of candy box but It was completely diffrent and Orteil gave the makers of candy box credit. On the other hand cookie clickers completely ripped off Cookie Clicker giving no credit to Orteil whatsoever claiming they are the official app. The cps in cookie clickers is a fail because the more you click the more it goes up but in Cooki Clicker your buildings and upgrades help increase it. Yes, in Cookie Clicker your clicking can make part of your cps but won't raise it. Cookie clickers completely stole the entire idea of grandmas but made them WORTHLESS!!! The grandma is the main antagonist of the entire franchise! They removed huge features like heavenly chips, grandmapocalypse, and the news ticker (the things that make the messages appear at the top) changing depending on what part of the story your on! Cookie clickers probably won't even incorperate factory dungeouns (Something that os currently being worked on by Orteil) into there game! Though cookie clickers proves to be challenging it is nowhere near as fun as Cookie Clicker. So stop playing this game and try the original!!!

  2. Your an idiot it says shop on the bottom and you just ignore it

  3. they're so cute before they become addicted.

  4. my brother gets 416 million cookies a second

  5. the trick to this is to use as much fingers as you can fit on the screen at tap

  6. For Cookies You Buy Items i the Shop like auto click and for that you get more cookies and then buy and then moar!! AND YOU BECOME UNSTOPABLE!!

  7. I bought cookie god background how do I use it

  8. This is what happens when someone fails horribly at being funny.

  9. why does he randomly swear…..I don't get it, is it him being funny???

  10. on cookie clicker i have 2 galaxy-c im soon going to get a galaxy-x but its REALLY hard. i have like 80 million cookies per second. I remember when i was trying to get my first c-factory and at the moment im way, WAy above factories. but every now and again i buy a factory just to keep my juice going. cookie clicker is SO FRICKING FUN!!! i recommend it to EVERYONE!
    i cant believe cookie clicker has become so successful! and this guy dosent get that autoclicks make cookies for you. but the video was made ages ago i bet by now he gets it. hey, whoevers reading this, comment how many autoclicks you have and how many grandmas. id love to know! :). PS: good luck in future with your cookies! PPS: i recommend you buy a booster once a week or so.:). PPS:if you dont have the game then i dont know what your doing watching this video or reading this comment. PPPPS: this comment is long. PPPPPS: i think im getting carried away. PPPPPPS: if you havn't tried dipping cookies in milk and then eating them, you should do so. (its delicious!!!) PPPPPPPS: lots of 'p's!!! PPPPPPPPS:why are you still reading? PPPPPPPPPS: is it to entertain yourself. PPPPPPPPPPS: COOKIE CLICKER IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PPPPPPPPPPPS: if you are still reading then you are the most patient person ever. PPPPPPPPPPPPS: this comment took ages to type.

    2 hours later…


    did you pass it?! if you did, good job. if you didn't, YOU SUCK MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! time for galore!!!!!!!!!!
    got sore eyes yet? oh, you skipped it? ;(.

  11. the cookie god cost 10 to the 15th power amount of cookies! (1000000000000000 cookies!)

  12. I have so many cookies. 12,000,000,000,000,000


  14. This is not really a game. It's more of an exercise app.

  15. Why the fucking hell does he edit it so much.

  16. Wasted a whole 2:19 of my life
    WANT IT BACK i could have been playing FORTNIGHT!!!!!

  17. play cookie clickers 2 brcause it is a thing now and it has objectives and a map it is bad but play it

  18. a new andry birds game is out but it os in the worold winner app play it please

  19. wow this game was so new back then, not even s-factory

  20. Lonnie: 1006

    Me: Almost 200 Billion

  21. I have 1th position with 64000000000000cookies!!!!!

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