Cookie Clickers 2 - Power Click MAX Level -

Cookie Clickers 2 – Power Click MAX Level

foolish gamer
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  1. Wow I just broke the cookie in 49.7 seconds

  2. Fj dnht hdg nth Ku yt68 to dmcf5im t9f6cnZc5,5ui🎉😮e rvf 86e

  3. How do you get more of those white clickers?

  4. Oh my godness i can't see the CPS GAINT numbers so tiny

  5. I have a 5 milion cookies of this game sec/1,000 cookies maybe that did it or it just a hack

  6. He prob use haks and he using an autoclicker

  7. I use kaks in that game before but i desde to start over with haks

  8. How do you get so much money? Do you do the cookie land levels? Keep buying upgrades? Do a trick? Please answer

  9. I've been playing for about 2 days and I've made 4M total cookies

  10. 0:00 if you dont know what that number is it is 6 quintillion (6 million trillion)

  11. At the start I was like HOW!?? But now I saw how many days you got your first cookie (more than a year) I was calm again cuz I only started yesterday and already got 20 billion cookies 😀

  12. he has a lot of cookies he got over 40 billion clicks per second l only got 27 million cookies!

  13. It looks like a centipede with 999999999 body parts of a centipede

  14. Bro your litteraly God if the game I mean it
    ( I also wonder how long it took you to get here 🤔 )


    How did you got power clicker

  16. my autoclicker is VERY FAST and i could get to the leaderboard in less than a year

  17. I also type kind of fast because in 34 seconds I got 1000 clicks

  18. What is the purpose of buying these white fingers? They are just giving 0,1 cookies per second

  19. How can I progress. I feel like you do something with your golden cookies to progress. I feel like I don't have much more else I can do to progress. But I'm only on like 500mil cps

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