Cookie Clickers 2 - Launch Trailer -

Cookie Clickers 2 – Launch Trailer

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The most awaited sequel of all time is finally downloadable for free from your favorite store: Android or iOS.

Cookie Clickers 2 it’s completely addicting. Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment! The baking evolution is finally here!

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  1. Your liver - 750 MC Views 56Noqg subs inf yrs ago. says:

    I installed it in happymod and maked 50 Trequinquagintillions cookies. Trequinquagintillion= (10^153. Its the number of zeros).

  2. I HAVE 4 204 475 190 386 cookie and i have 1000 golden cookies

  3. I had to be forced to do the tutorial……

  4. This game is so good welll done red bit you have gone from a game no one thought you could top to a game that will never be topped 😏

  5. what's booster TV??
    I can't pass level 10..

  6. hi RedBit how do i use the mint or strawberry milk pls help i sombody i dont get it sombody pls is said tp click somthing below 20 or 30

  7. Wtff this game is so awesome I have played it for almost an 6 hours!!!! Would 🅱️ cool to add emoji movie stickers s

  8. Edvard Grieg – In the hall of the mountain king

  9. Level 27 though… only had about 3 hours when I got there, huge wall of waiting with no achievements to do.

  10. I can't pass level 2 cuz idk where the stats r

  11. I can't stop listening to the beat of this song

  12. I want them to remove the cookie from breaking

  13. Oigan llevo tiempo tratando de jugar esto y me resulta muy molesto no poder pasar la misión de 30 horas del nivel 38, es simplemente imposible, les aconsejaría que usaran el "Time Machine" como un atajo para pasar estas misiones, por favor, este juego solía ser de mis favoritos hasta que me topé con esa misión…
    Hey, I have been trying to play this for a long time and I find it very annoying not to be able to pass the 30 hour mission of level 38, it is simply impossible, I advise you to use the "Time Machine" as a shortcut to pass these missions, please, this game used to be one of my favorites until i stumbled upon that mission …

  14. Ripoff of cookie clicker from orteil,and just total messed up. tutorials,microtransactions,ads,useless buildings,doesnt work offline,stupid level that wants you to look at A DUMB COOKIE for 8hrs triggers my wrath.

    Avatar of Wrath

  15. cookie clicker (made by orteil) is better. cheats, suger lumps, lots of upgrades

  16. The 30 hour COOKIE ADDICTION, why does this exist? I have to stay on the game for more than a day?

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