Cookie Clicker Wombo Combo (260 million years worth of cps) -

Cookie Clicker Wombo Combo (260 million years worth of cps)

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Pretty cool


  1. Wow, thats a great combo, could you explain me why do you plant glovelmorel? I mean, isnt whiskerbloom better? and did you use planner?

  2. I think its supposed to say VIRGINtillion ‏

  3. I am of the firm belief that that ain’t falco

  4. woah, forcing the hand of fate almost always backfires for me, this video seems like a good thing to study to get better combos, my best combo ever was clicking frenzy, the times 7 cookie multiplyer and a building one. im only in the quindecillions tho and haven't finished a garden once (why is the garden so hard)

  5. Holy shit this is 1 sweaty cookie clicker player

  6. as a person with cookie clicker open in the backround rn, and who uses the same golden cookie sound effect, i can rightfully say, i just got fooled

  7. the luck for the elden frenzy wtf

  8. Only main thing that's missing are the loans.

  9. does having the halloween season active
    get you anymore cps?

  10. why do you always buy wizard tower mid combo?

    I started 2 day ago

  11. now do every building boost elder frenzy, clicker frenzy, frenzy, dragon harvest, dragon flight, and then do time stretch + auto clicker, and sugar frenzy w/ golden switch

  12. If you were to use cheats on this, you could generate a higher multiplier, but in terms of legit gameplay that is astonishing.

  13. idk whats happening but it made a big number

  14. how much bigger do you think this combo would've been if you had loans?

  15. My 1 and only braging right is that I used to be the Holliday 1mill Cookies WR holder so I'll always have a spot in my heart for this game. I love still seeing people play this game

  16. Damn that is crazy the most I have ever polled off is 4 golden cookie buffs plus bank loans, the 3x sugar lump and golden cookies turned off boost, followed by harvesting a full garden of the plant that gives 2 hours of cps. (this said 8 hours before it is now corrected it gives 8% of bank at most)

    To do this I fist set up the forcing the the hand of fate to give me either 2 different building buffs or one building buff and the 777 click bonus in a row. ( use hand of fate get buff then use a sugar lump to get mana then get the second buff from hand of fate) I get a 7x cps buff from random cookies and hope for a building buff or a 777 clicking buff depending on what I have waiting for me with hand of fate. It is then a mater of activating all of the buffs, harvesting the crops and clicking like crazy!

  17. Wow, that multiplied the cookies you have by 10 million.

  18. why do you plant the other things

  19. You should try using duketaker as its op (2h of cps 8% of bank)

  20. imagine not waiting 260 million years to get that kind of cps

    in all seriousness WHAT

  21. If you put a ‘ in between the p and the s and cps then things get a little weird…

  22. Did something similar got to 3e31 prestige, now I can't get the asscension achivements cause I legit can't replicate it. And you need at least 1 prestige for the asscension to count. Very Kool.

  23. L bozo u dont have 5000 of every building

  24. going this late game without an auto clicker, i imagine the wrist pain when you get a good combo…

  25. I dont know how this got recommended to me but i didnt know that cookie clicker became a card game!

  26. Can you make a vid where u go to ur achievments to see if this real.

  27. This feels like youre playing Yu-Gi-Oh

  28. For some form of scale, 260 million years of cps at 1.0 cps is 8,204,976,000,000,000, or about 8.2 quadrillion cookies.
    At the beginning of this video, dvbtv had 171.9 septendecillion cookies per second. A septendecillion is a one with fifty-four zeros after it.

    In other words, that's a lot of cookies.

  29. Is this the best possible known Wombo Combo?

  30. Can someone explain what is happening and why the background has a god

  31. I can barely do the two cookie 7x and 777x then sell like 300 buildings

  32. Dear god, gotta get really lucky for this eh

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