Cookie Clicker without Cookie ─ Allowing mods via Steam was a mistake... (sort of.) -

Cookie Clicker without Cookie ─ Allowing mods via Steam was a mistake… (sort of.)

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Wait, that’s not a Terraria video, but it’s a sequel to the famous Cookie Clicker series made by AdamChromeE™!… don’t take it seriously, this isn’t a series or something, but rather just showing some… cursed stuff with Cookie Clicker. Like, Cool, steam version has way more languages and music, but allowing players to mod is both cool and… accursed. Adding Eater of Soul from Terraria? Sure, that’s completely fine, but what about that… ummm… something suspcious, I’d say. Well, here is the sequel to an actual adam series: called Texture Tuesday.

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[Outro/Custom song]


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Most of the musics used on this video was either taken from video game, or copyright-free musics from Youtube Audio Library. The name of the musics will be mentioned down below.
when the cookies are su— no, stop it.
Used Music:
-“cookie clicker theme or whatever”
-Blues Infusion
-Terraria Corruption
-Remember Semptember
-English Country Garden
-Terraria calamity: R’LYEH

I hope you have a great day, as always!
Thanks for watching, I guess.


  1. fun fact: there is an achievement in the game called true neverclick, which requires the player to gain 1m cookies without clicking the big cookie. there is also one for madlads called a "legacy tnc" or a "legacy true neverclick" where they try to complete the game without clicking. this is impossible since there are some achievements that do require them to click at the cookie, but that doesnt matter.

  2. How do I replace image on the big cookie with a light glyph?

  3. I don't known why but I really love Your voice 😳😳

  4. obame prisme

    – "le true final prisma"

  5. Ah modding you can replace normal things or you can just break reality using just the Holy cookie
    OK I'm getting that sayori and oreo cookies
    And the eater of souls

  6. KugelblitzHinterhalt / skarpevindkast says:

    Time to make a mod where instead of clicking cookies you click the dead bodies of your friends

  7. 1:16 sayori looks like she doesn't need any rope

    If you know what I mean 💀

  8. When you play "Cookie run : kingdom" , but there's no clicker minigame :

  9. We need a let’s play with the clicker class mod from you!

  10. SUS clicker, click to instantly become sus like me

  11. a cookie Sayori..
    holy shit that make sense…

  12. Wow haha shitty child game "among us" in the cookie clicker, wow haahha such clever.

  13. geez, calm down. No need to download all of them

  14. I wish there was a shadow orb cookie to go with those eater of souls wrinklers.

  15. i am trying to get a vigintillion cookies (literally) and i can't (only made up to a quindecillion though)

  16. In My Opinion, If It Isn't Alive, It's A Cookie.
    So Yes, Sayori's Decapitated Head Is A Cookie.

  17. Hey man thanks for showing my Eater of Souls mod on the video, I can't believe this is THE ONE upload I missed on your channel and is the one where my mod appears lmao

  18. I made the Minecraft mod, thanks for featuring it 🙂

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