Cookie Clicker Without Clicking -

Cookie Clicker Without Clicking

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I got the True Neverclick achievement in Cookie Clicker!
…which is basically cookie clicker without clicking…
quick lil video, hoping to have the next video be REALLY good 🙂
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  1. The capitalist dream, owner of the biggest factory while never making a cookie themselves in their life

  2. Trying to get the last few shadow achievements for this a game is hell

  3. Hey mathman. if you ever get famous. don't forget me.

  4. “Challenge Complete: Serious Dedication”

  5. Did this once for one of my playthroughs. Took ~5 hours to get to the point where I could start clicking lol

  6. Cmon, you clicked at least afew times. But seriously, good job

  7. You should try out for the speedrun world record clickless%

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