Cookie Clicker without clicking ─ how far can you go? (with new Steam version...) -

Cookie Clicker without clicking ─ how far can you go? (with new Steam version…)

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Once, I was searching some new games on Steam; it is September, so it makes sense to me. And, I have found something that I thought I’d never see it exist: Cookie Clicker, a web game that runs on your browser, on Steam. On Steam, in exe file, which you can play, without browser. Now that’s some technology. It’s been more than 5 years anyway; so, let’s say, how far can you go, without clicking cookies, in cookie clicker?

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[outro song]



Not a video about Terraria nor Minecraft; the day has come
used music:
-Undertale shop
-Stardew Valley: Crane game
-Can can
-Mourning dove
-Brain trust
-A hat in time: Heart to heart
-7th floor tango
-[cookie clicker soundtrack]


  1. Umm why does cookie clicker cost 5,500 what countryvare you in

  2. So i kinda got the grandma’s REALLY angry and eventually there were worms everyhwere, my cookie broke, grandmas dissapeared and i ded

  3. Game.cookies = 1 in console inspect element gotta remember it

  4. i cant hear that intro music without thinking im going to go deaf

  5. Hey quick question. So do you know how to well I guess hack cookie clicker? So what you do is that you right click the cookie and go to inspect then click console and type Game.Earn (99999999999999999999999) then hit enter also you can put as many 9s in as you want your welcome

  6. oh hey I just started this game on browser a bit ago. now I have 88.9 billion prestige levels send help I have a problem

  7. I actually have all the achievements in cookie clicker on steam, I genuinely didn’t realise loading a save code would do that OR even work in the first place. So yeah.

  8. I cant seem to stay away from undertale music

  9. so much to do so much to see
    they props used cheat engine speed hack (thats my guess)

  10. Steam version! I can finally play the game now since my edge disabled a cookies from all websites

  11. “Without clicking”
    Proceeds to CLICK stuff other than the cookie

  12. I wonder how many people got this on steam not realizing the original is free online

  13. You can change your bakery name on the web version to gain god powers

  14. from clicking golden cookies you can buy cursors and get the neverclick achievement among most others eventually

  15. I GOT IT! use a steering wheel like Technoblade
    It's not cliking

  16. All of those grandma's will die One day

  17. I Did This Challenge In Just 10 Seconds (No Cap)

  18. I love the My little cookie clicker can't be this complicated joke.

  19. Finally I can play cookie clicker full ver

  20. the steam is making people fall in a scam by needing to buy this free game '-'

  21. I would just change my name too sayopensaseme

  22. I got a shadow achievment of having 4 golden cookies in a row called 4 leaf cookie

  23. Thank you!!! I got so many achievements from this. Funny story, I was once zooming in to see something on cookie clicker, and I got the achievement "Cookie-Dunker" by making the screen smaller. So, that's another way to do it


  25. Accidentally
    I put Ortiel in the name and something cool happened!

  26. i dont know if it works in steam version but if you name yourself anything then add saysopensesame in the name you get dev tools in chrome version so i dont really know

  27. He uses ₩ so he is Korean hoho (Squid game?!??)

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