Cookie Clicker with only one command block | Vanilla Minecraft -

Cookie Clicker with only one command block | Vanilla Minecraft

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Cookie Clicker with only one command block, in Vanilla Minecraft.

*Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* Cookie Clicker is addictive fun 🙂

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[Your difficulty must be atleast on Easy, otherwise this command wont work!]


Working Time: 16 hours

Letters: 27283


  1. I think the grandmas don't make sense cos you can't have like 200 grandmas

  2. If you name the Cookie Grimm or Dinnerbone it shouldnt be upside down.

  3. thanks so much this is so fun and the cookie looks cool

  4. nice! really good. I tried other peoples cookie clicker command, and when I tried to get the world download my laptop detected a virus. This is the first really good cookie clicker command. 😀

  5. Best One Command Block Creation Ever Finally something that doesn't Last 3 seconds 😀

  6. It is good but the one from TheSpellBook is better (that is my opinion;) )

  7. I can't play. Doesn't appear to me the giant cookie, and when I click the button nothing happens.

  8. when it says it has to be on easy, it's kinda blocked by the command block output you should turn it off. danx

  9. then we just need to add a redstone guy,s money system with this and it will be usefull

  10. SQORED have you ever made this map? If you did, incredible dude, but try putting real cookies per second like not 20 per 20 if you have 20 cps you could get it like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 super quickly. ;d Even if prices doesn't go up its boring and easy, try making a copy of sethbling (that has link download becuz he dint put) or dynomation4

  11. I swear that song sounded like a fnaf (five nights at freddys) song but cant think of it

  12. why is it so easy its so easy to get 100k make it harder

  13. REALLY? cookie clicker of all things? i'm ashamed.
    (but it is still impressive and i didn't unsubscribe)

  14. can you make the command easier to copy because it takes forever

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