Cookie Clicker Walkthrough #3: Ascension -

Cookie Clicker Walkthrough #3: Ascension

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This will change the world of Cookie Clicker forever.
Prepare to ascend to the heavenly world.

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  1. probably way too late to be asking but, how do you get the green and yellow text on the cursor and grandma prices? is that like recommended purchases? i would love to have that because i’m all over the place with my spending

  2. How the hell did you have the sextillion finger ??? Impossible

  3. so i ascended with 7 heavenly chips.

    bad idea.

    but im on my second run and 15 days in i only have 60 heavenly chips.

    i tested on another computer with the 'kickstart thing' and it did not work.


  4. did they change something i just ascended for the first time and when i bought my grandma nothing special happened im not making insane cookies like you guys did

  5. I did the same thing you did with a quintillion finger and I have 1.2 cps?? Is it not working anymore

  6. I've been playing on my acention for 50 minutes and don't make anywhere near what you make in 2min any reason why I did all the upgrades you said to do

  7. Im 27 days in with almost 2 heavenly chips, why???

  8. Ive never ascended and have 55k heavenly chips xd

  9. Okay, so I got to the part where I had 212 heavenly chips, I asended, I bought all of the same upgrades, but it didn't work for me. Do you know why?

  10. Ha. I ascended at 1 because I didn't know what it was. I don't really care though. Haven't had much time to play since so I've just been collecting whatever sugar lumps are.

  11. i did the same as you did and after i bought the first grandma i only got 1.5 cps:((((((((((

  12. I had 700 cookies and did all of these recommendations and more, and when I bought my first grandma, nothing changed 🙁 I’m still getting the normal amount of cookies

  13. I love how they're worrying about following Cookie Monster for optimizing upgrades when they cost like 100 cookies and they're making 1B every second

  14. Meanwhile some garbage guide on the internet told me to ascend the second that it is possible, because why wouldn't I want to waste an entire day of making cookies for a total of a 11% bonus…

  15. man i'm at like 380+ HC and i still didn't get to the apocalypse

  16. I had some problems
    1st my egg didnt show up
    2nd I didnt get good cps, It was just regular, after 10 min i only had 50 cps

    pls help

  17. when I bought the grandma it gave me regulur cps help

  18. I don’t work on me 🙁 I used 10 days on nothing

  19. when i did all this and bought a grandma it only gave me 1.3 cookies per second more
    can you explain why?

  20. I did exactly what you did but when I started and bought the mouse and grandma I didn't get a 50k per second boost like you did has the game been changed

  21. I was crying when he said: its one. its ONE.

  22. the cursor upgrades work differently now so this video is outdated

  23. So uh I did exactly what you said to do here and my CPS did not jump to a million when I bought a grandma. It went up…by 5. What did I do wrong lol. I checked newer comments and I feel better I'm not alone. It's apparently a game update. Ugh

  24. I read a comment about what to do if you were to already asend, and I thought they ment delete you save file, I did and I am soo sad I soft the entire day grinding any tips, (prob not worth asking here but whatever) I'm on mobile 🙁

  25. Note: as of version 2.021, these cursor upgrades are based off the effect of the "thousand finger" upgrade. So if you make the same choice for cursor upgrade you need to get 100k cookies before it starts kicking off 🙂

  26. I tried this ascension strategy and when I bought a grandma I did not get the major cps boost. I used quintillion fingers in perm upgrade slot. Does it not work anymore?

  27. Why when I purchased grandma nothing happened like in yours

  28. video: you need 212 heavenly chips
    me who have 4000 heavenly chips:@_@

  29. when i bought a grandma when i acended i was getting only 1 cps

  30. i had the volume at 100 the intro busted my ear drums

  31. crap i ascended the second I got a single heavenly chip

  32. Does sb know what to choose for the permanent slot since the fingers got nerfed? (ik that I‘m a bit late lmao)

  33. I don’t get it I ascended and did everything but I only have 1000 cookies 😠

  34. How do you get the green things that show you what to buy?

  35. I was worried if the heavenly chips is not enough so I got up to 27000 heavenly chips.

  36. i did the exact upgrades as you guys, but i dont get the huge boost at thes start? does anyone know why?

  37. Opf wrong upgrade switch the cat curser with the cat it’s better and do it with All of them

  38. me have ign 512 heavenly chips before ascending for the first time…..

  39. ik I'm super late but I have about 60 Heavenly Chips and dont know what to do to get more. any tips?

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