Cookie Clicker Walkthrough #2: The Grandmapocalypse -

Cookie Clicker Walkthrough #2: The Grandmapocalypse

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Today we’ll show you how to trigger the Grandmapocalypse and what the benefits of being in it are. The Grandmapocalypse can be very useful as it unlocks features like wrinklers and wrath cookies.
Warning: Extremely graphic and disturbing content, angry grandmas are not to be joked about!!
Viewer discretion is advised!

Intro Song:
Turbo Tornado by Admiral Bob (c ) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Blue Wave Theory

Background Music:
Two Men Blues 2 by Stefan Kartenberg (c ) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Admiral Bob


  1. if you want to see the "grandmapocalypse" faster just press FN12 go to console and paste this in there: Game.cookies = Infinity

  2. the acheivment description for the "just Wrong" achievment "says i thought you loved me" … heart breaking

  3. I just realized this whole game is a critique of capitalism and the grandmapacolypse is analogous to a proletariat uprising. You exploit the planet for natural resources, rule the world with cookies, exploit and sell the elderly and vulnerable for money, and so the tired and unpaid workers revolt.

  4. Angry Grandma Power Level 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    God Power Level 10000000

  5. hey uhh, I got a question, if you change the version your on does it keep your progress, or does it madder what version you are on to get the grandmapocalypse??

  6. What's wrong wth selling one it's a free achievement

  7. Jokes on you
    I sold a grandma and then bought her back

  8. I was playing this blindly, accepting every upgrade not paying attention. Just vibing ya'know-

    then I went to buy a grandma and nearly had a heart attack.

  9. How is this man went from scratch to grandmapocalypse and ascend in 3 episode.

    show your achivement

  10. என்னைப் பற்றி நீங்கள் என்ன says:

    btw if you want to end the grandmaapocalypse you can just sell all of your grandmas and it doesn't affect your cps that much even with the boosts

  11. type in inspects console: Game.cookies=Infinity

  12. i have 1,019 grandma and 5000 cursor

  13. how long do i have to wait for the One Mind because it still hasn't shown up and it's been pretty long

  14. How come the grandmapocalypse is so cheap here did they raise the price in later updates

  15. I'm freeing my 168 grandmas now. I can let this happen

  16. Why i dont have it i bought 400 grandmas and still dont have this upgrade???

  17. This is legit every clicker game.. it’s always something creepy goes on at the end

  18. man just went from a few thousands to a quadrillion

  19. so i just went to my grandmas house and smashed her face into a computer but nothing happend… she just had a stroke but no cookies! is there an update that i need to download?

  20. How many time you need to wait to ''kill'' wrinklers?

  21. I cant tell if your saying outer cat or outer pack. what were you saying?

  22. How did you get a trillion cookies and I fave infinity

  23. at what point do you suggest we do the grandmapocalypse when we have the first upgrade for it?

  24. who else watched the intro and reached for the skip ad button by instinct?

  25. I'm 2 steps closer to start a grandmapocalypse

  26. For me the specialized chips were 1 quadrillion?

  27. i sell a grandma without wanting because i was trying the sell tool , when i get the achivement i cryed….

  28. not sure if your still active but what extension do you use to make the numbers green/yellow/red for the upgrades

  29. Hey, just found your channel, cool video!

  30. The debug upgrade is added instantly on mobile.

  31. i started playing cookie clicker in 2021 lol

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