Cookie Clicker: Version 2.048 - Cortex Bakers, Unshackling Prestige, Glucosmium Tier & More! -

Cookie Clicker: Version 2.048 – Cortex Bakers, Unshackling Prestige, Glucosmium Tier & More!

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Hello everyone, welcome to my video on Cookie Clicker version 2.048! In this massive update, Orteil has added a new building, the Cortex Baker, as well as all the upgrades/achievements related to it! He’s also added a new type of heavenly upgrade, which allows you to unshackle upgrades to unlock their true power! Not to mention Glucosmium tier upgrades, Jukebox, new cookies, and tons more!!

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  1. Do you cheat sugar lumps in? Or how did you get so many lol

  2. thought this was a new video just spoiled the new building lmao thanks for the content

  3. Finally someone explained Unshackled buildings… as i understand it, correct me if im wrong, When you purchase the heavenly effect with chips your next ascension that building is now unshackled and the buff effects that buildings upgrades

  4. those heavenly upgrades that boost your production seem insanely good

  5. The transparent buildings were there since at least the last update on steam

  6. I think the 7 achievements were even worse. As you needed your heavenly chips to end the 7s. So you have to work out what number of prestige in the current ascension you'd need to make your current HC added to your current prestige to give the 7s in your next ascension's HC number.

  7. It's been a god damn year since your last EBF 5 video. I finished my second remixed playthrough in April 2022. (2 months ago) You cant be THAT burnt up with this game. Well, I certainly won't upload any EBF 5 videos until September. (And those uploaded videos won't be public until I finish it)

  8. The transparent thing you talk about is in both versions, only things you can't afford are transparent though

  9. The transparent butons are available on web version as well, and I think they've always been transparent, but only for the buttons that are too expensive to buy.

  10. New beta, new gifts. You know it? 2.049 See you in a new video. 🙂

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