Cookie Clicker: Version 2.04 - Steam Release, C418 Soundtrack, Language Support & More! -

Cookie Clicker: Version 2.04 – Steam Release, C418 Soundtrack, Language Support & More!

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Hello everyone, welcome to my video on Cookie Clicker version 2.04! In this monumental update, Cookie Clicker has finally come to Steam after 8 years of waiting!! This Steam version includes a soundtrack by Minecraft composer C418, full cloud saving, over 500+ Steam achievements, and future Workshop support! Version 2.04 itself (which will come to the web version soon) added support for 11 more languages, and a handful of accessibility features!

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  1. Just a couple notes of stuff I've learned since making this video:1. The extra 14 achieves are indeed the shadow achievements, not sure how I hadn't considered that originally! Although 2 shadow achieves from the web one aren't present here, namely Cheated Cookies Taste Awful and Third Party2. Orteil has already confirmed to be fixing the "can't close the game" bug in an upcoming patch 🙂

  2. Are you going to cover the new beta?

  3. How do you get the cookie dunker achievement on steam?

  4. I was wondering when you were gonna drop a video, I've been watching most of your cookie clicker videos as I was playing through my first /serious/ playthrough, I've been playing this game for 8 years now, but only once I discovered your channel had I discovered to go past the classic "playing until a trilion or so" . On browser, I had all heavenly upgrades, just the achievements left, progress wise.

    I was actually wondering when you were gonna upload a video, the irony is that as I am watching this video of yours, I'm playing Cookie Clicker on steam myself, thanks for this video and all the others.

  5. Bro please can u come back to Terraria and make like a new master mode series or smth I miss those videos u made

  6. Is it just me or can you not access the stock market yet in the steam release? I have already gotten a bank, but it's not showing up.

  7. Good video man, just got the game like a couple days ago

  8. Definitely give the Cookie Monster mod a try if you never have, tons of useful features and none of the "cheat" stuff a lot of other mods like to add (autoclickers and the like). There is a guide on Steam with how to add it locally for now until workshop support is done.

  9. ascended baking pod is an enemy that'll be used in the dungeons.. hopefully. if it comes out.. also, winklers are similar to the "toys" i think, and there's something like a 0.01% chance of getting them when you load a game im fairly sure.

  10. Excited to see more, you seem quite knowledgeable about the game. Also check your email

  11. by the way if you import web save to steam if you have ccta or third-party you wont get any steam cheevos

  12. You should make more cookie clicker videos, ive been binge watching your old videos from a few years back. Also a big fan of your personality and voice!

  13. Anyone seen a video on someone having 2 shiny wrinklers at once? Please comment if anyone actually has. I know the last few times I tried, it was thwarted by power outage or simply by steam kicking me out, bad or loss of internet connection. Yeah I just haven’t seen a video on it but the concept is super simple(pop winklers til you get one, keep and and keep popping til you get another).

  14. So again, it's the time of the year… Have fun with the browser beta. 🙂

  15. New beta's out… you should make a new video about it.

    Has a new building and more upgrades and achievements.

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