Cookie Clicker: Version 2.031 - Idleverse, Iridyum Tier, New Cookies, Heavenly Upgrades & More! -

Cookie Clicker: Version 2.031 – Idleverse, Iridyum Tier, New Cookies, Heavenly Upgrades & More!

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Hello everyone, welcome to a video on Cookie Clicker version 2.031! In this update, Orteil has added a brand new building, the Idleverse, allowing us to steal from alternate idle universes! He’s also added Iridyum tier upgrades to all buildings, 9 new cookies, 4 new heavenly upgrades, and a ton of other upgrades and achievements, as well as some balance changes!

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  1. It seems like it will take forever to get all the cookie upgrades by idling and definitely not 600 of all buildings… I know you don't want to do combos but have you tried garden combos? These don't require you to be very active, just waiting a few hours for the plants to grow then hoping to get lucky with frenzy and dragon harvest or building special. Since you have a big bank I think it will help you progress a lot faster (I saw someone who mostly does idle with the garden to get to octodecillions which is enough to get all the cookie upgrades but still short of 600 buildings). This does mean you will have to sacrifice some CpS boosts such as the drowsy ferns and occasionally turning off the golden switch but I hope this will make it easier to show everything in future updates.P.S. I don't know if you mentioned this but will the browser version still be updated?

  2. Have you ever considered doing a more active playstyle that involves spawning golden cookies using the grimoir to stack multiple buffs and then harvest queenbeets for a massive chunk of cookies, that is how ive reached more cookies faster

  3. What is your fps while playing cookie clicker?

  4. The reason they changed the cursors is because if you had it in a permenant upgrade slot in the early game, the next ascension would progress through the early game very quickly (+50mill per object) so the cursor building would produce way more than it should in the early game

  5. awesome coverage! There isn't anything about the "Alternate grandmas" reference in the script that I can find, the Dragon Orbs aura should be exactly 10% with nothing affecting it (11% if you have reality bending too), also if I checked correctly, the chance happens for selling the latest building from top to botton, regardless of price / CpS.

  6. bro sick video i got so hyped that someone made a video on this

  7. I found this vid in my recommended so I figured I would check my game bc I haven't played in a while… turns out I have 191 sugar lumps XD

    I had gotten to tridecillion when i stopped previously so I was immediately able to buy 300 of the new building 😁😁

  8. Is there some equation for optimal ascension. Like is there a % of heavenly chips more than your previous ascension when it is optimal to ascend?

  9. Overall, the change to cursor upgrades made them more powerful due to multiplying on top of each other, but as individual upgrades, the higher tier ones were nerfed significantly.

  10. Eyy can you pls make a stock market guide 101

  11. hmmmm with every new updates I find it harder and harder to complete all the "cookies baked this ascension" achievements. I managed to buy all the upgrades and heavenly upgrades in the first 3 hours of the run in this update, but I haven't even gotten the final cps achievement. I ran out of ideas on how to increase my cps, I'm kinda stuck at this stage. Then again, this update was really a surprise to me, I definitely didn't expect Orteil to release this update this quickly.

  12. thanks to the idleverse i now hit like 32 octodecillion all time, woo
    edit: By taking advantage of the grimoire I got ~370 octodecillion cookies, that's cool I guess

  13. என்னைப் பற்றி நீங்கள் என்ன says:

    many people think this game is hard, but it takes like 6 days to get 61 heavenly upgrades, or well that's how long it took for me, i dont know about you tough

  14. when did u start playing it? my cookie clicker reset when i logged in what should i do

  15. What are those green plants you always fill your garden with?
    Edit: It seems like those are drowsyferns which I guess fit your idling style.

  16. what would you say is the best dragon aura combo for someone who plays idlely

  17. I’m now in the quindecillions of cookies and have about 2.5 trillion heavenly chips. Is this around where I beat the game? Besides for achievements and small other things, is there anything else, major to do?

  18. Why do you always leave 2 empty slots in your garden on the second row?

  19. Why is Orteil taking so long with the dungeon mini game? Has he given up or something?

  20. How do i unlock the idleverse? I have over 40 javascrips consoles and it hasbt unlocked yet

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