Cookie Clicker: Version 2.029 - Bank Minigame, Heavenly Upgrades, Dragon Petting & More! -

Cookie Clicker: Version 2.029 – Bank Minigame, Heavenly Upgrades, Dragon Petting & More!

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Hello everyone, welcome to a video on Cookie Clicker version 2.029! In this update, Orteil adds the Stock Market minigame, where you can purchase stocks and sell them to make additional profits! He’s also added 2 new heavenly upgrades, one of which allows you to finally pet your dragon, a new upgrade tier, tons of new cookies and progression achievements, a new milk tier, and some secret stuff!

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  1. "Its a bit nicer on the eyes at least" — Puts it back in to light mode

  2. its been a year and i still dont understand cookie clicker stocks

  3. I started playing a month ago and almost have every heavenly upgrade and I’m in the tredecillions but I’m still very confused with the stock market. I haven’t really touched or messed with the stock market, Not really sure when to buy or sell, I’m a bit confused on the numbers. What is a good start to use to get good profit from the stock market and really understand? I’m really lost :/

  4. In case you missed the last comment I posted recently. If you ascend. Then buy stuff in the stock market, buy more buildings. Do you sell then for a very high price because the stock market will go up in price with the level of the buildings? I think it's only with the level of the buildings where you have everything on 10 (cursors on 12)? And where does the level of the bank has more advantage then the other levels?
    Also the last secret achievement with that tiny cooie on the info is funny. 😀 I think the next update is not dungeons. Right?

  5. Awesome!
    -Looking at the code it seems that it is a 5% chance to get a random drop if the DragonLevel is 8 or more, options being: 'Dragon scale','Dragon claw','Dragon fang','Dragon teddy bear' (there is more to it, but I will be discussing it on the server)

    -Also, there is a special sound for petting after waiting for some time , which is 2 seconds.

  6. In one of the recent cookie clicker videos, I mentioned in the comments about Queenbeet farming. Today, I managed to test it out. I started on roughly 6 sexdecillion cookies. I managed to get an Elder Frenzy from a Wrath Cookie followed by a building special from Force the Hand of fate (you can get the better building specials by saving and reloading). I then turned on the Golden Switch and Shimmering Vale (Sugar Frenzy is optional) and I had time to put on the Kitten Dragon Aura to boost my CPS. I then harvested the Queenbeets. I ended up with 1.35 septdecillion cookies (which is A LOT).
    When you get the Elder Frenzy, the best thing to do first is to save the game and then hit ‘Export Save’ and copy the code so that you can import your save and try again however many times you need to. Force the Hand of Fate will always have the same result (apart from the fact that the building special is random).
    You also need to be lightning fast to do everything before the Elder Frenzy runs out (that’s why you save and export).
    I noticed that the Pawnshop loan and hitting an Elder Pledge didn’t really make a difference to the numbers so I didn’t end up using them.
    This method works best if you already have a high amount of cookies in your bank. I would suggest perhaps using it a few times per ascension to get the really big numbers. You can also use Duketaters with this method, but I prefer Queenbeets because they grow faster. I will try to do another one of these harvests tomorrow, hopefully I can get it!
    I hope this can help you, sorry that it’s so long ;D

  7. Buy buy buy and make my day are pretty easy to do now since the later stocks are worth an insane amount more.
    You probably don't remember soy milk being a special one before since it wasn't added with the other special milks and was after a couple regular milks.
    The dragon drops are actually related to the current minute: 0-14 = first drop, 15-29 = second drop, 30-44 = third drop, 45-59 = fourth drop. The order for the drops is random, but there is nothing blocking you like needing to have bought previous drops.
    There are some pretty expensive cookies this update; the last one is ~1.7 octodecillion(assuming all discounts which you should have at that point)

  8. great vid, also you forgot to mention that from the beta to live version, orteil added the option to shift click the "Hide" button on stocks, which now makes it show only that one stock, and nothing else, which is something that you actually wanted to do in your beta video of the stock market 🙂

  9. I love you're update overview videos on cookie clicker, been here for a while for them. Please never stop doing them !

  10. The dragon will drop a different upgrade every fifteen minutes on the hour. So if you start at 1pm, by 2pm you will have all upgrades, if you forget to pet the dragon between 1:45pm and 2pm, you will have to wait another hour until 2:45pm comes around to try again.

  11. Awesome video once again! I always watch these after playing the update for some time to make sure I don't miss anything in the game, and I'm a bit sad I didn't find the hidden madelaine in the update page myself ^^
    Also nothing to do with the actual content but did you stopped coughing? I remembered in previous videos you were often doing those "weird" noises and I couldn't hear a single one in this video ahah

  12. would you do a new game walkthrough on how to most efficiently play. possibly one with and without an auto clicker?

  13. just started yesterday, whens the best time to do first ascension

  14. The madeleine is a French little cake :

    But it is also tied to an French expression about something that gives you a sensation triggering sweet emotional memories. Could be a smell, a taste, a sound, etc… and the thing that gives you this sensation is called a "madeleine".
    It takes its roots to a part of a Marcel Proust's novel, where the character eats a madeleine with his tea, and the taste of it instantly brings him back to his childhood, when he used to eat those little cakes.
    You get an example of it in the movie Ratatouille as well, when Ego, the food critic, get a taste of Remy's ratatouille, and it suddenly reminds him of a time of his childhood, when his mother cooked the same dish. Here the ratatouille is Ego's madeleine.

    So Orteil most certainly put this madeleine at the very begining of the version history as a reference to this French expression, as you're going back to the past, at the very first version of the game.

  15. If you combo off with golden cookies then activate all 3 loans you can then use grimoire spells to extend the length of all the the massive buffs. do that until you run out of magic and finally once your combo wears off you'd almost certainly have enough heavenly chips to be worth ascending after that point. completely bypassing the downside of the loans.

  16. Looks like the developer forgot about Galactarium

  17. Hello, I'm looking forward for the review of 2.03 beta. 😀

  18. I feel like for Bank Level 1, there should only be three stocks you can buy. Keep it from being overwhelming.

    Then add 1 new stock every time you level up.

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