Cookie Clicker: Version 2.021/2.022 - Javascript Consoles, Fortune Cookies, New Upgrades & More! -

Cookie Clicker: Version 2.021/2.022 – Javascript Consoles, Fortune Cookies, New Upgrades & More!

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Update: Version 2.022 has since come out, however it simply changes a Sugar Lump exploit and everything else is the same!

Hello everyone, welcome to a video on Cookie Clicker version 2.021! In this update, Orteil adds a new building, Javascript Consoles, and a ton of upgrades/achievements related to it! He also added a new heavenly upgrade, Fortune Cookies, which introduces the Fortune tier of upgrades and a new mechanic for obtaining them!

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  1. How to finish the game instantly:- press f12- go to console- type Game.cookies = 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999– Copy – paste everytime you run out of cookies

  2. It has been a HOT minute since I’ve seen a cookie clicker video

  3. Nice coverage! can't wait to check out how the dungeon minigame will work (source code) . Wonder if another building will get a simple minigame before dungeon one (like pantheon and grimoire)

  4. someone know when cookie monster will be updated?

  5. Thanks dude! These videos always bring me back to cookie clicker. Even thought I am not the best I still love coming back to the game. Thanks for the great video bro!

  6. have u ever done any kind of golden cookie combos? Such as force hand of fate while having 2 or 3 active cps multipliers

  7. just found your channel and i've been looking for someone that makes cookie clicker videos and is extremely far into the game so love ur vids

    also why do u not upgrade to final cookie dragon level

  8. I haven't played in a bit (like a few years) and omg what is under the grandmas

  9. Came back to cookie clicker, got 2.568 sexdecillion in a measly 31 days 18 hours.

  10. The JavaScript console for dummies
    To open the javascript console, press Control+Shift+I or Control+Shift+J or press F1 and rest of the book is covered in a Heavenly Chip Secret.

  11. Did they remove Dragonflight from Krumblor? I can't see it? Star ship picture is not there

  12. I have a save where I have 1K decillion cookies and I didn't use cheats. I also don't" inherit " the game for 3 years…

  13. I started 3 days ago and I already have 2 sextillions and 1800 prestige levels.
    I think it is a good start.

    (I use Autoclick)

  14. 6:30 Why are javascript consoles displayed in Japanese?

  15. Look guys, there’s 69 comments

    Oh wait, I messed it up. Sorry guys

  16. Its been a while since the last update… but the game does update slowly, i hope cookie clicker does not stop updating 🙂

  17. Reply to me if there isn't enough cookie clicker videos, I can make some

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