Cookie Clicker Update: FRACTAL ENGINES! NEW HEAVENLY UPGRADES! [V2.016] (2018) -

Cookie Clicker Update: FRACTAL ENGINES! NEW HEAVENLY UPGRADES! [V2.016] (2018)

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There’s been a big Cookie Clicker Update and we’re here to talk about it. This update introduces a new building to cookie clicker, called a fractal engine, that makes more cookies from cookies…

Fractal Engine Wiki Page:

Heavenly Upgrade Wiki Page:

Cookie Clicker Update History:

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  1. 2020 and also i dont think i am gonna use the grandma pocalypse well not untill ascnsion give me 30k heavenly cookies

  2. Trickster-Trump's Tremendous Trespassing Tricks says:

    Another one… man I love this update, so much new stuff.Great video covering it all

  3. You should update your third ascension tutorial vid since there were changes in the heavenly upgrades pricing

  4. any tips for very active/clicking big cookie often playstyle around 3rd ascension?

  5. TrashcanTV is the best YouTuber that plays cookie clicker like if you agree

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