Cookie Clicker Update: EVEN MORE COOKIES! NEW HEAVENLY UPGRADES! [V2.018] (2019) -

Cookie Clicker Update: EVEN MORE COOKIES! NEW HEAVENLY UPGRADES! [V2.018] (2019)

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In this video we discuss all the changes introduced in the newest Cookie Clicker version: 2.018.

Cookie Clicker:

Cookie Clicker Update History:

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Cookie Clicker Update: EVEN MORE COOKIES! NEW HEAVENLY UPGRADES! [V2.018] (2019)

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  1. The flash and noise is a garden tick warning by cookiemonster.

  2. Wait really I’ll post memes anyway EU laws can’t hold my memes

  3. i lost most of my cookie clicker save (45 day)
    I feel really bad i think i will reset all of my longest save and play it all again…. Btw my ascension video is finally finished (i recorded it a week ago)

  4. The last video in a great series 🙁
    Thanks guys you really helped me a lot👍

  5. who else doesn't get the 'this year' update how it added clicking to get cookies??? it was already there since the beginning!

  6. oh no i used the debugs and now i cant actually reset because im on infinite cookies guess i cant play anymore
    i didnt want to actually use the dev console i only wanted perfect idling

  7. New update dropped! Introducing the Idleverse. The Javascript Console's throne of being the final building has been toppled! Bank has a minigame now, more achievements, few heavenly upgrades. Cookie Monster was officially updated recently as well.

    I know you are done doing CC videos, but just if you didn't know and were still interested in the game

  8. I have returned to this series to report that I broke the game with only cookiemonster and an autoclicker

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