Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0041/2.0042 - Chancemakers, New Kittens, Upgrade Tier & More! -

Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0041/2.0042 – Chancemakers, New Kittens, Upgrade Tier & More!

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Just a quick addition, everything in this video also applies to the current live version 2.0042, besides a few rebalancing changes and one new synergy upgrade!

Hello everyone, welcome to a video on Cookie Clicker Version 2.0041 Beta! In this version, Orteil has added a new top tier building, Chancemakers, along with all the upgrades and achievements that come with it! In addition to that, he also added a new upgrade tier to all buildings, 2 new kittens, a new milk level, new cookie upgrade, and much more!

Try out the new update!:


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  1. Jman37X more like GAYman37X cause being homosexual is weird and icky

  2. Why does this video have so much attention? Im about to buy report bots to take you down before this gets out of hand

  3. Uhh Godzamok Pantheon is crap, I just tested it, told all 500 of my Farms as that's what people suggest, I lost CPS

  4. Jman37, you asked me this so I will answer it. To get infinity cookies you go on google chrome. Then you right click anywhere. Go to console and type in this.
    Game.cookies:999999999999999999999999999999999999999(don't worry if you get NAN cookies and the colon is supposed to be a =).

    Also type in Game.RuinTheFun()

    pls pin me if you done this.

  5. Jman37x , the shadow achievements increase the total amount of achievements every time you get one but im pretty sure the dont give you milk

  6. man, i feel like chancemaker is underpowered. im very late game and it stinks in my opinion. still good for beginners, i like it. good thing they added those upgrades. it made it gr8

  7. By the way, holding down left ctrl activates buy 10 buildings at once, and holding down shift is for 100…

  8. there is AT LEAST 4 hacks 1 being the auto-auto clicker. (the most complicated one) one is the name hack (dadad saysopensesame.) 1 is Game.cookies = whatever the he** you want. one is for example i am showing an example ok. Game.cookiesPs = 3200 4 a while.

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