Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0034 - Sugar Lumps, Minigames & More! -

Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0034 – Sugar Lumps, Minigames & More!

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Hello everyone, welcome to a video on Cookie Clicker Version 2.0034, the Spiritual Update! In this version, Orteil has added Sugar Lumps, a new type of currency that can be used to upgrade buildings! By upgrading Temples and Wizard Towers, you unlock the Pantheon and Grimiore respectively, minigames that add a whole new depth to gameplay! Also, he implemented the Background Selector, added new upgrades and Legacy upgrades, and much more!

Try out the new update!:


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  1. i have some questions, how did you get so many heavenly chips? why are the wrinklers good too have? and you're playing with the grandma grandmapocalypse why? could you giv me some quick coockie clicker tips

  2. Thanks! Was just wondering the other day when an update would come in. Watched the whole thing.

    I'm probably not the first or only person that spent their first sugar lump on cursors, as that was the only place I saw the level up thing upon update and just went ahead and curiosity-clicked on it 🙂

  3. Cookie Clicker spelled backwards is Quality Content

    But really, nice vid, perhaps the leader of the Cookie Clicker community on YouTube :^)

  4. Dude, you saved my life! I had no idea what these sugar lumps did until you made this video! I use an auto clicker, so the "Spirit of Ruin" thing is OP! I just got a Frenzy + Mine Building booster thing + Cursed Finger, which almost made me 50 decillion cookies! If i had used the "Spirit of Ruin" I could have gotten 750 decillion (probably less, considering how long the buff lasts) :/ Unless of course you can't have more than three buffs… Thanks man, sub from me! Looking forward to more videos!

    I've done some math and if I get Frenzy + Clicker Frenzy + Spirit of Ruin + Building buff + Cursed Finger, I could literally get 582,750 DECILLION cookies, which is like 582 duodecillion in a little over 30 seconds… It's possible (I think XD)…

    (I may be optimistic and bad at math, but according to my calculations you could get that 😮 You also have to be VERY lucky, and there can't be a limit to how many buffs you can have.)

    Feel free to correct me; I get 298.075 septillion cookies per click with no buffs, and I get 2.164 octillion cookies per second.

    Hope all of this made sense XD

  5. I've been having an impossible time assigning spirits. It looks like it should be straight forward. If I click and hold a spirit it goes down and to the right of my cursor and then stays in the same position relative to the cursor. If I release the spirit over a slot nothing happens.
    If I release a spirit while my cursor is over a slot, my worship swaps goes down, but the spirit still isn't in the slot, and I know what it looks like when it is in the slot thanks too 5:44.

  6. I am having some troubles with this update.

    One already mentioned is that I cannot assign spirits.
    Also when I only click the spirit I lose one swap.
    The other is that when I ascend (click legacy button), no upgrade buttons appear. Only the tree lines. So I can only reincarnate without purchasing anything.

  7. I don't get any of the negative effects from Grimoire, what's stopping me from reloading a save if the Backfire happens?

  8. Thanks for actually makin a video about the update big man

  9. So glad this started to get updated again. I recently just got back into CC.

  10. Dude how do you have that much stuff and decillions of cookies i am strugeling to get to billions :O

  11. Hey there, i started cookieclicker some days ago. I want to catch up to a mate who plays for 4 year. He gets "only" 50 quadrilion a sec and never done a reset. He probably dont even know about that. i am at 1,8billion a sec. Could you make a good newbie guide ? would appreciate it. =)

  12. Houstin! We have a problem…

    The stupid pledge consequence. ARRRRRRRGH!

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  14. hi guys i started the game 3 days ago but i wanna ask what are those things on your cookie ? are that ingame autoclickers or something ? plz let me know.

  15. que buen videisong son mucheison galleteisong

  16. guys he cheated. he used a cheat and i did to. like this comment if you want to know what the cheat is!

  17. somehow i automatically collect sugar lumps when they ripen but they do not appear up on my sceen and i do not have the option to upgrade the buildings, any solutions please?

  18. BeepBeepImASheep237 BeepBeepImASheep237 says:

    why does sugar lumps have 50% chance of falling when not riped?

  19. For Orteil,
    Thanks for making Cookie Clicker a wonderful place to live when the forum died.
    Orteil and Opti, thanks for making the LAST VERSION.

  20. Upgrade temple for 1 sugar lump?
    Yes I want to. No I don't!!
    Like for yes comment for no

  21. I used a sugar lump on the temple and wizard tower and it does nothing for me I need help

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