Cookie Clicker: Update 2.002 - Golden Cookie Overhaul -

Cookie Clicker: Update 2.002 – Golden Cookie Overhaul

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Hello everyone, welcome to a video on the Cookie Clicker 2.002 update! In this version, Orteil has overhauled the Golden Cookie and Reindeer system and added some new prestige/legacy upgrades, as well as some graphical details and 3 new achievements!

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  1. I get a golden cooki every 3 minutes

  2. Great vid, I'm happy you still making videos on cookie clicker. Btw the missing achievement next to reindeers is click on an eldeer (elder frenzy + reindeer).
    I'm on this version since 28/06 so I'm not sure about this next statement. Golden cookies may now give you production boost based on the amount of a building you have (randomly picked) so that if you have 130 cursors and cursors are picked you'll get a total production boost of 1300%.
    Next thing is when clicking on wrath cookies (not sure again if it was already existing) you can get "cursed fingers" which set your production to 0 CpS and your clicks will give a base of 10s worth of production for 10s (when I say base it means you can increase it with the duration effect increase from upgrades so that if you have Get Lucky upgrade and I think you have it, then your click will be worth 20s of production and the effect lasts 20s)
    You were right about the reindeer nerf it's actually not worth anymore to get a reindeer with frenzy or elder frenzy but you can still get a dragon harvest + elder frenzy reindeer since he didn't patch dragon harvest.
    Hope I was clear enough here
    If so i'm glad I helped you, love your vids, see ya

  3. is there a way to look in the games files?

  4. I got a cookie storm.

    My reaction: Huh? What is this? I LOVE IT

  5. I can't get the early bird achievement. I am clicking them way before one second I swear.

  6. i want version 5838538583858358553825483845.9598345943847565483984756584933485765843938457658439 to come out so i can have 4954304958654939485765434958768549394857685943948576854930948568594039485659430948576584930948576854930394586758439202938457658493293845765849309485765843929384576584932039485765 buildings to see

  7. The 2 other new achievements in the update are:
    Eldeer: Pop a reindeer during an elder frenzy.
    Reincarnation: Ascent 100 times.

    EDIT: "…and 3 new achievements!"
    Wait, aren't there 4 new achievements?

  8. when should i ascend for the first time? my prestige lvl is 182 atm.

  9. why dont youtubers have a show account where they cheat then have a legit account ? honestly anyone with a cheated cookie achievement should just wipe their file =/. imo atleast … it just makes your file worthless, a person could just let their account sit for a while so the time seems right and hack in 100 decillion cookies and seem like they did more. why would you want a tarnished record where nothing you say about it can be believed… maybe its just me but that seems worthless to me, and as a youtuber why risk people may seeing that and leaving? if you make vids on it wouldnt want to seem knowledgeable and not like someone who just knew to hit a button and type 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999? otherwise good video and thanks for taking the time to read if you did.

  10. the last achievement is to get a reindeer during an elder frenzy

  11. I am sorta new to all this so what is the point of switching seasons??

  12. u right click go on inspect elmet and click on console then type Game.cookiesPs = 9999999 or how much u want their u go its hacked so easy

  13. at what prestige level should i commence to ascend, and what should i get?
    i wanna go until i earn enough to get halo glove and season switcher, but what else should i get? and what level should i ascend on, at least?

  14. If u zoom in on the screen during a cookie chain, the cookie is only able to spawn one place and you will get them all!

  15. I'm trying to recieve the last two missing prestige upgrades "Permanent upgrade slot V" and "Wrinkly cookies" right now and don't know which dragon auras are the best (with active gameplay and "Distilled essence of redoubled luck").
    Is it "Radiant Appetite" + "Breath of Milk" (my actual setting), "Radiant Appetite" + "Dragonflight" or another one (maybe without "Radiant Appetite")?

  16. The achivement is called Eldeer
    pop a reindeer during and elder frenzy

  17. I recently got 1 million legacy from having the game on overnight with a golden cookie auto clicker and a auto clicker

  18. How do you have 2.9 decillion cookies? I have 15 billion

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