Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0 - "Speed Baking III" Achievement Guide! -

Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0 – “Speed Baking III” Achievement Guide!

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Hello everyone, welcome to another video on the Cookie Clicker 2.0 update! This time, we tackle the newly reformed shadow achievements, Speed Baking I, II, and III! To get these achievements, you have to ascend into the Born Again challenge mode, and get to 1 million total cookies baked within 35, 25, and 15 minutes respectively!

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  2. well it just says cookies baked. couldn't you just use heavenly chips? like if you have a lot of them and then you just buy the heavenly chips upogrades shouldn't you get to millions in no time?

  3. i did this, but i had 2 ascensions. is it unavailible once u have prestige thingies?

  4. i got 1 million at like 17 mins with 1 normal frenzy and another at 15 min 20 seci hated my life so much

  5. I tried to get this achievement a long time ago and i rage quited

  6. hey i have a question, should i ascend now i currently would be getting 112 heavenly chips.

  7. in the wiki it says without heavenly upgrades but you had heavenly upgrades
    or does it refer only to the upgrades that unlock the heavenly chips upgrade

  8. I'm on a proud 1 legacy XD it takes SOOOOOO long to get set up on your first run before ascending XD

  9. i've got speed baking 2 and 1 legit but not 1 :/ hmm might have to try this

  10. Just ascended for the first time and got a bunch of stuff. Best one was permanent sextillion fingers, and I got over a million cookies in like 30 seconds, why didn't I get speed baking 3?

  11. Thanks for making this video! I got it the same way you did. First attempt, get "Lucky!", pick up plastic mouse at the end, clicking frenzy.

  12. I bet no one got the 'Just Plain Lucky' Shadow achievement!

    Heres the description of this achievement! "You have 1 chance in 500,000 every second of earning this achievement"

    And yes, I did get this Shadow Achievement!

  13. I wanted to share a technique for clicking when I get the X 777 golden cookies. I pick the mouse up and alternate between two clicking styles: hammering away on the left mouse button with the index fingers of each hand, and alternating clicks with my left hand's index and middle finger. Each technique allows me to click extremely fast, but because the clicking is so frantic, your hands will tire quickly. This is why I use the two different techniques though, as each seems to use different muscle groups in the hands, so changing them up keeps you from cramping as you switch between them.

    The one where I use the index and middle finger of my left hand seems to be faster but prone to getting off synch more easily, while the one where both index fingers are used seems to be more reliant in the long term, but I have to use both to keep the clicks consistently fast throughout the entire cookie.

  14. Im on my 32nd try 🙁 Ive been doing everything good, Getting all the upgrades needed by the first golden cookie, But I havent got a clicking frenzy yet 🙁 Does anyone know the chance of a x777 frenzy to drop from a Gcookie?

  15. wait, did he have the shadow achievement for hacking?

  16. I have a question? Do you use the addon "Cookie Monster"

  17. btw you dont need 1 mil in your bank to for achievement you just need to have banked 1 mil overall in 15 minutes.

  18. Make the screen smaller, it safes a lot time switching from cookie to upgrades.

  19. I just get infinite cookies and do stuff with it

    How to do




  20. Just did it, cookie storm also does wonders at the 14 minute mark with optimal upgrades.

  21. How many shadow achievements are possible to get legit in one save file?

  22. whats up with that cheating achievement?

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