Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0 - Shiny Wrinkler & "Last Chance To See" -

Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0 – Shiny Wrinkler & “Last Chance To See”

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Hello everyone, welcome to another video on the Cookie Clicker 2.0 update! This time, we finally take a look at the ever elusive Shiny Wrinkler, as well as the achievement “Last Chance To See”!

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  1. Wow, nice! But I've only got one question for you: How in the name of Orteil did you get to almost 50 million heavenly chips in less than a month and a half? It might be because you started playing this since 2013 and I did since mid-2015 but the v2 update reseted your heavenly chips to a ridiculous small ammount of your original ammount (Like from 30 millions to 26k or something like that), but still. And I know you have an auto-clicker "plug-in" but as you play I don't think you actually use it but for other clicking games, or do you?
    Anyways, you're really lucky and keep on the good work!

  2. Did you cheat!? I see the 'Cheated cookies taste horrible achievement'.

  3. You are amazing! I love your channel! U just earned a sub

  4. My luck is amazing and horrible at the same time. I was in the christmas season just gettin' some cookies with the wrinklers, then I decided to to some active play and so I turned off the grandmatriarchs. I saw the "Last Chance to See" achievement and since I had seen this video before I got all upset and no lies, this was under 100 wrinkler pops, maybe like 65? sucks anyway you look at it though.

  5. i havent even bursted 10 wrinklers and i already got the shiny wrinkler! my run is 143 hours though, and i just got into the grandmapocolypse too

  6. I have 2 shiny wrinklers at the same time now :O

  7. No joke, I got the shiny wrinkler while watching your video! I can't fucking believe it! Popped 4.4k wrinklers

  8. Imagine getting elder frenzy with the shiny boi

  9. HOLY DANG, I got one after popping 25 wrinklers

  10. I got it i thought it's a bug i refreshed the page i lost it 😎

  11. hello! good job, not to offend but i got this too… 56 wrinklers in. also thanks alot! this video is very helpful

  12. what are the necessary conditions to spawn a wrinkler?

    in safe version i have not so much progress

    in unsafe version i will try to get SO mush progress JUST with CURSORS

  13. I have >4000 popped and haven't seen one 🙁 And I think you only have a 63% (maybe 67%) chance by having popped 10k.

  14. I popped ~11k wrinklers in my previous ascension, I'm at ~7k on my current run and I don't remember the exact numbers from my earlier ascensions, in total I should be above 20k wrinklers. No shiny wrinkler yet. 🙁

    I wonder if it has something to do with me turning grandmapocalypse off and on again, to quickly pop wrinklers. Maybe it only spawns if the grandmapocalypse has been going on for some time?

  15. Wow, I wasn't even grinding and I got it after 174 wrinklers popped lol

  16. I just popped one literally by accident and it wasn't until I got the achievement that I realized what I did; I had the game in a smaller window, so I could only see the "teeth." I'm only on my second ascension and have popped like 220 total (200 of which were on my first ascension just to get the achievement for doing so).

  17. You should only pop these just before ascending

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