Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0 - Heavenly Upgrades, New Buildings & more! -

Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0 – Heavenly Upgrades, New Buildings & more!

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Hello everyone, welcome to another Cookie Clicker Update video, this one being on the long awaited 2.0 Update! This update completely changes how ascending and heavenly chips works, adds 3 new buildings (Banks, Temples, and Wizard Towers), introduces a ton of heavenly upgrades, and so much more! This video only scratches the surface, so stay tuned for further coverage!

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  1. I think the best think to put in the permanent upgrade slot is octillion fingers that makes the start sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much faster

  2. when it restarted it said I have to what to 1 trillion cookies to get a heavenly chip. do you know how it scales

  3. How do you get the big screen (where everything is displayed)?

  4. Is there any way to reset your heavenly chips? Like for example, refund season switch so I can buy something else?

  5. awesome video man I enjoyed them keep making cookie clicker ;P cookie clicker rocks

  6. Help me I'm a trapped soul, which can't stop playing this game…. I played it since the alpha, I'm still playing it…

  7. I had 8100 heavenly chips, now I have 400. The update sucks.

  8. dude i loved this vid and nice quality keep it up

  9. For the permanent upgrade slot I suggest putting the best -illion cookies cursor upgrade 🙂

  10. you hacked you can see the cheated cookies at 54 secs

  11. So when I load my file my upgrades don't save… wtf,

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