Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0 - "Hardcore" Achievement Guide -

Cookie Clicker: Update 2.0 – “Hardcore” Achievement Guide

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Hello everyone, welcome to another video on the Cookie Clicker 2.0 update! This time, I show you a timelapse of me getting the Hardcore achievement, gotten by getting to 1 billion total cookies baked with no upgrades purchased! This achievement takes a very long time to complete, but is otherwise not especially difficult. All it takes is a lot of patience and a lot of luck!

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  1. I feel like true neverclick is easier than this because first of all you only need to bake 1 million cookies, but can’t click the cookie, you can buy upgrades there too, and waiting for a golden cookie to be lucky might be alittle challenging but much easier than this, I feel like true neverclick should be regular and hardcore should be shadow

  2. I wish I looked this up before wasting time only clicking up to 4,3mill cookies…..i thought buildings was upgrades too

  3. Even when you have bought a single upgrade: No achievement.

  4. good job, i really enjoy this kind of videos

  5. Can you ascend but earn no heavenly chips, because if not I really don't want to go for these.

  6. I was thinking about this achievement but with a timer (30 minutes) I hope Orteil isn't seeing this O_O

  7. I hate myself so I did neverclick, true neverclick, and hardcore at the same time. Successfully got 3 birds in 1 stone though

  8. When should I first ascend, and when I do, what do I get?

  9. When the earth is turned into a gripping dungeon says:

    Oh my god I almost thought it was about buildings instead.

  10. So what is the best way to start from the beginning to get all the achievements. I used to play about a year ago before hardcore and ascension was a thing I believe.

  11. woah nice. they could of UPGRADED this game a bit!!!

  12. What's the best way to get a lot of cookies

  13. When is the best time to ascend because I haven't ascended at all yet

  14. I tried doing hardcore after my first ascension and it didn't work. I suppose you were not supposed to get heavenly upgrades? Well that was a waste of time. Is there any way to get the achievement now? It's not even a shadow one so it should be possible! Right?
    Wait no. It says that you've got the upgrades. Then what am I missing!?

  15. Me everyime I go for the "Hardcore" achievement: "Oooh! Reinforced Index Finger is available! … … … FUCK!!!!"

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