Cookie Clicker - Update 1.041 -

Cookie Clicker – Update 1.041

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Hello everyone, welcome to another Cookie Clicker Update video, this one being on the 1.041 Valentines version! This update adds a new building, the Prism, as well as some new upgrades and achievements, mostly which relate to the Prism, as well as something to do with changing the seasonal event! Join the battle against evil forces in Golden Axe – pc-engine emulator and become a hero.

Credit for the music goes to Kevin MacLeod over at 😀
Try out the new update!:


  1. Upgrade your missing is tied with the seasonal events stuff, and the Question mark achievement is LITERALLY now impossible, no joke it will cost over 100 sextillion cookies (To put in perspective of how much that is : 1 million, 10 million, 100 million, 1 billion, 10 billion, 100 billion, 1 trillion, 10 trillion, 100 trillion, 1 quadrillion, 10 quadrillion, 100 quadrillion, 1 quintillion, 10 quintillion, 100 quintillion, 1 sextillion, 10 sextillion, 100 sextillion) so it would take over 10000 years to get to that with an autoclicker and clicking every golden cookie…. and the only way to highly raise CpS is to add a new building, but even more expensive so we have to get THAT to 200 and if again its too hard, add another building BUT we have to get that to 200 too so…. xd

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