Cookie Clicker: Update 1.029 -

Cookie Clicker: Update 1.029

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Hello everyone, welcome to a video about a game I didn’t think I would be doing, Cookie Clicker! In this video, I discuss the really big update that came out a few days ago, which completely revamped the game! Oh, and at the time I’m uploading this video, I’m getting a little over 950,000 cookies a second :3

Check out the game here:


  1. I love seeing older versions of this game, so im glad these videos exist

  2. i always find it fascinating how people can sound different with different mics.oooor maybe it just been 9 years idk maybe both

  3. There hasn't been a comment on here for 3 years. I guess I'm going to watch this collection of videos from start to finish to see how cookie clicker has changed over time (mostly will skip through it though other wise will take forever).

  4. Do a video for your the orginal cookie clicker

  5. What do you mean, like showing my original save? I suppose I could at some point, since the original was just classic :3

  6. wait did you just say that 1 Mill cps was endgame wow you were so Yong back then.

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