Cookie Clicker True Neverclick Speedrun in 39:25.73 -

Cookie Clicker True Neverclick Speedrun in 39:25.73

The Dogz
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Attempt at a speedrun of True Neverclick.
One second slower than the current world record, might try again another day.


  1. Did i just waste 39:42 minutes of my life watching a guy click upgrades and waiting for a goddamn golden cookie to show up?

  2. hmmmm bruh not trying to brag but i have inf cookies LMAO

  3. You wasted a lot of time on the name. The record would have been easy if you named yourself a single character. Good attempt though

  4. What you got that! I have 175 clickers and I don’t have that

  5. Inspect. Console. Game.Earn(4200000000000000000000⁰000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000)

  6. imagine you got a gols cookie with 100 cookies

  7. F12
    > Game.cookieEarn = (6646947949784843829484858585773727838848484848495857473882717181892)

  8. guys he failed he clicked the achievment X

  9. This video is about someone who got more cookies in half an hour without even clicking than I did in one week

  10. The challenge to get 1000 Subscribers says:

    Meanwhile there’s me who uses an auto clicker to get cookies

  11. Hey I did it in three seconds all I did was
    Game.RuinTheGame() lol

  12. They need to do an achievement "against slavery" or something when you beat the game without using a single grandma

  13. right click inspect console then type Game.Earn(amount) enter thats a cheat btw

  14. fish saysopensesame name your self that in cookies clicker for a suprise

  15. if there ever was one, this is a video for 2x speed

  16. guys use this title for your bakery "joesaysopensesame" to acess dev tools and u can multiply your cookies

  17. Could have clicked that cookie more…

  18. Speed running it along to the video and I got frenzy for my second gc…

  19. my record is 1 hour and 20 minutes

  20. If you're going for milk level +1 go for the madeleine at the bottom of the info page, click the golden cookie in the first/last second, click the tab 50 times, dunk the cookie, go for 50 of something, get 1 of something, and I'm pretty sure the "Bake X cookies" and "Bake X cookies per second" will make maybe 25 achievements

  21. type in saysopensesame at the end of your name then look at the top left corner and you will get something 🙂

  22. True never click, but you can still click.


  23. maybe if it didnt take you 30 seconds to afk youd have the record

  24. bruh ive gotten 100k cookies in like 10min of less

  25. People who use use the game's console to get True Neverclick: Hol up

  26. Rivetting game play.

    Such technical prowess.

  27. Bruh I knock two birds with one stone and I cheat in 15 cookies, buy a cursor, and wait

  28. Who else just realised he’s 1 second away from the world record

  29. You can see how every minute the gave saves.

  30. Neverclick and true neverclick? Quat is difference?

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