Cookie Clicker: THE MOST ADDICTING Game Ever! - Trailer Drake -

Cookie Clicker: THE MOST ADDICTING Game Ever! – Trailer Drake

Trailer Drake
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I am reviewing Cookie Clicker, one of the most addicting games of all time!
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  1. I found the way to beat cookie clicker shortly after it became super popular. After a week or so of toil and the grandmapocolipse, I found sanctuary in the little red X in the top right corner of my screen.

  2. Tangerine Tycoon is like cookie clicker,but with tangerines,and tangerine cats… insted of cookies

  3. is it bad that I have 11 trillion cookies on this game on my ipod?

  4. This brings back some nice memories of when I started playing this in class and then a week later it spread like wildfire and 90% of the school was playing it. Oooh the teachers would have killed me if they figured out I had started the plauge >:3

  5. Damnit, I just kicked Cookie Clicker…
    Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in

  6. at 0:13 what is that game… I used to love it but i forgot the name

  7. ugghh…. what was the name of the 3rd game he showed again????

  8. 0:05 Yeah cause the f word is NEVER allowed on you're channel (sarcasm)

  9. I just use F12 and make it autoclick the cookies for me.

  10. Uggg I can't remember what the 3rd game he showed was called again…
    can someone help me with the name?

  11. I played cookie clicker once. I planned to play it again, but I never did. :/

  12. When I played I got a number that included letters, is that a good thing? and cursors cost more that the most expensive item in the store

  13. is it bad that i had cookie clicker open when i clicked this?

  14. Playing cookie clicker on a mac? What kind of monster are you?

  15. "Your cookies bring all the boys to the yard"

    two seconds later, my game of Cookie Clicker says this very line

  16. I remember at a class party someone brang cookies and me and my friend starting tapping them xD too obsesed xD I even started my class to play this ;-; awkward

  17. Mario Crossover. Any time that we were using computers in school, we had a tab of that open.

  18. tip of advice, never play cookie clicker, you're getting crazy, I deleted it because it was addicting

  19. That One Mind thing was what got me to snap out of this Cookie Clicker funk. And I've never relapsed since.

  20. I HATE this game but love this video, huh.

  21. You can buy an elder pact to end the apocalypse. It just takes an hour or two to research. Fool.

  22. it doesent get "intense" it just gets fun

  23. I played it for a few hours once or twice. Then I moved on to games with more varied tasks than clicking.

  24. i … HATE THIS GAME.. with a fiery passion.

  25. I played this game, and I admit, its better than I thought it was, but I do not think its that addicting. Its fun for about 30 minutes, but then it gets boring quickly.

  26. I watched this video when it came out, nearly four years ago. I am now a CC vet, and I don't regret it.

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