Cookie Clicker The "Grail" combo Tutorial -

Cookie Clicker The “Grail” combo Tutorial

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  1. Can you savescum after clicking first natural building special does it make second natural golden cookie spawn later?

  2. remember this all started at clicking 1 cookie

  3. This hurts my brain, the small combo was already really big and i am really excited every time i pull it off correctly, there's no way I'm successfully pulling this one off…

  4. Craziest combo I've done is Frenzy Elder Frenzy Building Special Click Frenzy Sugar Frenzy Godzamok. I was pretty proud of that, but this is just another level of crazy

  5. wait how does stacking a frenzy even work?

  6. How do you get the desired effect? Just luck?

  7. Great tutorial.
    Things to add:
    8min Frenzy is enough, if you scum 2 DH after that you'll have ~4mins of Frenzy and 3.5min DH.
    Starting Patheon should be Voimitax, Selebrak with Halloween Season(2% GC spawnrate), Murdrial/Cyclius at 6am UTC. 1st swap Goadzamok to Dia, 2nd Swap Holobore to Ruby, 3rd Swap Mokalsium to dia.
    You can scum a caramalised sugarlump for another mana refill (Hexcast).
    Use Supreme Intellect if you need to cast alot of useless spells, strech time can help.
    For convenience, get 1st and 3rd Loan aswell as SF after getting the 1st DH, then scum a 2nd on that, that way you don't need to get those mid combo.
    If you can't afford GS because you alr clicked some BS to avoid backfires, get DF+CF, click ones and you can buy GS, then do the rest.

  8. set up combos are f bs cf/df or f dh cf/df, f cf is not enough

  9. Thanks for making this tutorial! I know what “small combo” tutorial you were talking about in the beginning, and although that was enough in early game, this is definitely more suitable for people in late game. I’ve seen lots of people getting duovig to octovig and I always wondered what they were doing. I figured it out before I saw this video, but this definitely made it a lot more clear.

  10. Thank you! Just pulled it off and got ""And a little extra"

  11. Why do you have to wait when confirming the second aura, until after clicking the Golden Cookies?

  12. genuine question, where do you go to begin learning this stuff?
    every video i find is either early-game strategies i've already done or late-game strategies that use 7 different concurrent strats whose explanations sound like a foreign language to me. the best combo i've ever pulled off is Frenzy + CF + BS (~7500%) + EF + Golden Cookie Switch + Sugar Frenzy + Godzamok, got me up to ~12 vigintillion.
    i've tried understanding farm mutations and i only just understand some of it, i can't even begin to fathom how the stock market works-, and multiple tabs??? what??????

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