Cookie Clicker Steam v2.048, Ascendancies 2-4 Heavenly Chip Purchase Guides (EP6) -

Cookie Clicker Steam v2.048, Ascendancies 2-4 Heavenly Chip Purchase Guides (EP6)

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Welcome to LD7’s Cookie Clicker Steam Series. In this series we will be playing through the latest update to Cookie Clicker (v 2.048) on the Steam platform. This will enable access to Steam Workshop mods and helps support the game developer. The plan for this series is to provide a guide on all ascendancies, how to spend sugar lumps, and how to navigate some of the other features of Cookie Clicker.

In this episode we will cover how to complete the second through the fourth ascendency in one video. This will include a discussion of what mods I used to progress through these ascension/prestige levels, a guide of how to spend your heavenly chips for each ascendency level (2, 3, and 4), and a discussion of the drawbacks/limitations of the frozen cookies mod.

If you want to ascend earlier than I did to break things up, here are the suggested prestige levels for each ascension with a list of the perks/costs to buy:

Potentially Early Ascension 2 – 3500 total levels

-Update Permanent Upgrade slot 1 with best
clicking power upgrade
-lasting fortune- 777
-golden switch- 999
-lucky digit- only get when ascending with
one seven in total level 777
-Persistent memory- 500
-Virtues- 343
-Abaddon- 343

Possible Middle Ascension 3 – 26k total levels

-Dominions- 2401
-Satan- 2401
-Kitten Angels- 9000
-Decisive fate- 7777
-Starter Kitchen- 5000

Ascension 4 – 97,777 total levels

-Permanent Upgrade Slot 2- 20,000
-Slot most expensive kitten upgrade
-lucky number- only get when ascending with
two sevens in total level 77,777

If you like Cookies and incremental click based games this is the right content for you.

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  1. Currently stuck in 3-4 quadrillion heavenly chips trying to get the last of the unshackled prestige upgrades. Any guides? Currently making only a trillion or so chips and have plateaued in progress

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