cookie clicker speedrun 100% world record -

cookie clicker speedrun 100% world record

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apparently cookie clicker is called cookie baker now


  1. Ha! Im under the 100 thousand peoples and you're late random future internet user i already got this position next time bro🖐

  2. Once I used inspect to give me infinite cookies. The game somehow didn't give me the cheated cookies taste awful achievement so it looked like it was legitimate.

  3. Are you realizing where is the Christmas cookies valentines cookies and etc.

  4. I finish cookie clicker faster than him because there is a better technic

  5. The other day I was viewing the global achievement stats for the Steam version of Cookie Clicker, and 6.3% of players had the "So Much To Do, So Much To See" Shadow Achievement, which is obtainable by maintaining a playthrough for 1 year (365 days)
    The Steam version has only been out for a few months.
    Bah humbug thee cheating charlatans

    Edit: Thank you to those who have made me aware of a save transfer.
    However, bear in mind that the browser version could have been cheated as well and even had an in-game means of cheating that the Steam version does not have.
    Trust nobody.

  6. Normal auto clicker: 1 mile second
    Gaming chair: 0.0000000000000000001 mile second

  7. he has to activate grandmagamingchairapocalyspe so he only did 2 percent of progress.

  8. yo wtf is up with the ui man’s playing the great value version 💀

  9. I mean, he technically did speed baking 3, and true neverclick at the same time..

  10. What cookie clicker version is this? Is this some kind of mod?

  11. Lol what kind of RGB lights you use man, you got many fps, what a pro on this game

  12. What's ur gaming chair you got infinity with that chair


  14. Comment A if you want me to give you the hack and N for no

  15. Coulda just click all achievements/upgrades

  16. Dude where’s the timer world record not allowed

  17. Wow that’s the dev tools it’s a cheat

  18. What version of Cookie Clicker is that? I don’t remember “ovens” in the base game

  19. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  20. You could just use the console and speed run it in a few seconds

  21. To get less dislikes, you probably should have added "TAS" in your title

  22. Didn’t buy all upgrades, and get all achievements? How can you call this 100%?

  23. Yall don't do this
    It's not hacking you just name yourself esaysopensesame

  24. (Did anyone notices that he using a mod in Cookie Clicker?)

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