Cookie Clicker Speedrun 1 Million World Record (6:48) -

Cookie Clicker Speedrun 1 Million World Record (6:48)

Fanchon Lyrica
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what it says above

Crispy Concords and Ludwig watched this so if youre from them cool


  1. So im making this as the final FAQ comment and pinning it1. I livestream on twitch at hop in and check me out there2 this is a real world record and a real catagory that is ran3. i do know how to jitter and drag click but since i dont have to aim i used both ands to click and it was faster4 i use she/her or they/them pronouns please respect them5 i know the time is 6:46 or whatever but on the offical leaderboard its actually 6:50 the time stops when you get the 1 million cookie achievement when the game updates (every 5 seconds)6 the golden cookie does count suprisingly i know what im doing as a world record holder7 was that last answer to sassy? 8 7 wasnt a question i get neither is this one9 im out of questions10 how are you?11 im fine. goodbye12 follow me on twitch and subscribe

  2. one of my slower starts but the cookie gods blessed me that day

  3. 1. why are so many people watching this
    2. if you want to watch me actually talk during runs check out my twitch its better content over there
    3. I also actually upload things here from time to time and would reaply appriciate it if you guys could check out some of my other stuff too <3 stay safe stay awesome

  4. congrats, it might be an old game but speedruns seem to have picked up heavily over the last few weeks

  5. Yo since when did this get 2k views…..

    Edit: just remembered I was here when it was at 10………

  6. Ludwigs comin for the record. Day 1 took fourth* place, best of luck

  7. What is your clicking method you’re on another level my guy

  8. You should learn how to drag click. I am pretty good at pvp and bridging ast clutching in minecraft which require a lot of clicks per second. Get a model O or Model D and get razer mouse grips. Practice dragging your finger across te mouse button and it will produce friction, which will click roughly 40-50 cps if you can do it very well

  9. I fast forward the video so you can click faster, thank me later

  10. quite old video but good job
    maybe i should learn the strats some day and post a run myself

  11. I tried speedrunning this game because it looked pretty simple but MAN it's hard, congrats!

  12. how to be a record breaker: don't activate windows

  13. Try to learn drag clicking or flying bawl click

  14. I did one run today and got 7 minutes and 45 seconds

  15. ima try to get 1 million cookies my goal is to get less than 7 minutes
    edit:my time is 7:07

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