Cookie Clicker Speedrun 1 Million World Record (6:48) -

Cookie Clicker Speedrun 1 Million World Record (6:48)

Fanchon Lyrica
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what it says above

Crispy Concords and Ludwig watched this so if youre from them cool


  1. ima try to get 1 million cookies my goal is to get less than 7 minutes
    edit:my time is 7:07

  2. Like if u play this during school LOL

  3. could get faster if you learned faster clicking techniques like jitter clicking or even drag clicking. It's pretty big in the minecraft community

  4. This is a strange speedrun, and I speedrun the Price Is Right.

  5. golden cookie spawns between 300 seconds and 900 seconds so like 5-11 minutes for the first golden cookie is pretty rough.

  6. The most boring speedrun I ever watched lol I hope this is ironic

  7. Is her achievement here that she clicks fast?

  8. Isn’t it more efficient to not clear achievements?

  9. you were at like 3000 cookies and we’re gonna get 1m in 20s i was like “how” then i saw the golden cookie and yeah lol

  10. what about drag clicking, you can get 30 clicks per second and only requires one hand

  11. Why dont you use an autoclicker

  12. How many computer mice do you get through? Or are you using some kind of indestructible carbon fibre reinforced titanium frame mouse?

  13. I like the part where he clicks the cookie

  14. "Exhale" Cookie clicker speed run master 2020

  15. Mans got super lucky wit dat golden cookie doe

  16. how did you get the uncanny clicker achievement?

  17. why not just use an auto-clicker…

  18. what time do you normally get if you don't get any golden cookies?, i kinda wanna start speedruning this, my first run was a 18:33 lol, that still places me at 100 tho.

  19. I took the time to analyze everything you have done step-by-step to get the world record and WOW. Watching it the first time through it seemed so simple but the fact that you analyzed and strategized a clicker game is amazing! 👏👏👏

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