Cookie Clicker Speedrun 1 Million World Record (6:48) -

Cookie Clicker Speedrun 1 Million World Record (6:48)

Fanchon Lyrica
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what it says above

Crispy Concords and Ludwig watched this so if youre from them cool


  1. Bro I can’t tell are you a boy or a girl l9l

  2. Try drag clicking it will be faster to click

  3. Uncanny clicker before wake and bake xD

    thats epic

  4. 1 milion cookies baked in 6:48 minutes?
    Sorry but i don't buy it, The math doesn't add up.
    I think you are cheating, but it's just my modest opinion

  5. People in this comments section are so rude, literally just leave her alone if you have nothing nice to say about her impressive speedrun, thanks and bye

  6. does cookie clicker limit CPS? because I don't believe that 8-11 cps can be a WR run.

  7. Is there separate world records in beating this in mobile/phone?

  8. you really need luck to be on your side with this run, saw this and im trying to beat it, the bitch of the run is the golden cookie, need it to spawn at a good time and for it to be the right one. good shit

  9. checked back in on the comments to bully transphobes but we're doing fine since i last checked

  10. Minecraft players be cringing on how slow ur clicking

  11. Im sorry but why do you LOOK LIKE THAT LMAO

  12. i don't know why i thought this would be more entertaining

  13. you are getting some hate, you really dont deserve it, i can tell how hard this run was

  14. So inspirational, i aspire to be you one day

  15. Wow man you are insane I am currently having my 9m 40s run verified. I hope to be as good as you one day

  16. lmao the first frame that hes on 1.001 million cookies, the timer is on 6:45.99. technically sub 6:46

  17. That heavy breathing of excitement at the end xD

  18. Hey, just checked out your speedrun in the boards! Way to go!

  19. I was literally like "there's no way they'll make it" until I saw the click frenzy and it all made sense

  20. Would've been faster if he scrolled and didnt click

  21. I eat Cereal with Water and I pour the Water first says:

    I feel like he must have spent a lot of time figuring out the right upgrades and ratios and all that.

    This stuff never ceases to impress me because I was never able to manage to learn a game so well that this would be possible. And yes, I tried, countless times in countless games.

  22. Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down says:

    Noob. 4.245183 click one hand one finger

  23. lol the breathing and face cam sweat though

  24. In in 100 billions average (in 4 days 1 hour)

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