Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievement Guide: True Neverclick -

Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievement Guide: True Neverclick

Aza Nice
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Today I’ll be showing you a good strategy to get true neverclick. Its relatively easy and should be possible in under an hour with normal luck.

Mouse cursor:


  1. 1 cursor: 100/0.1=1000s2 cursors:(18/0.1)+(100/0.2)=680s3 cursors:(18/0.1)+(20/0.2)+(100/0.3)=613s4 cursors:(18/0.1)+(20/0.2)+(23/0.3)+(100/0.4)=607s5 cursors:(18/0.1)+(20/0.2)+(23/0.3)+(27/0.4)+(100/0.5)=624s

  2. was wanting to try this, I might actually have to now

  3. Hey so I’m just wondering, how do you reset the steam version and like save a frenzy? I tried to reset the game once by closing out and coming back in but it just stayed where I closed it at

  4. i remember in the 5th grade smoking the record with my friends

  5. Hey, I did it but didn’t get the trophy do you know why?

  6. I have been watching lots of your vids recently and they are amazing, subscribed!

  7. I just got back to playing this game. It saved all my progress and now I have like 270 sugar lumps.

  8. i did it but i wasnt on challenge mode so it didnt count

  9. i did this i checked my stats and everything but it still dident work what do i do?

  10. The method i used was just getting those 2 first golden cookies, got some cursors, and when i got to the mine, i watched a video around 22 mind and then came back to get the bank and then temple after some mins

    (Keep in mind i was doing the hardcore no upgrade challenge shadow achievement.)

  11. Hey, I just got to 1 million cookies without any cookie clicks but I did not receive the achievement. Do you have an idea why this has happened?

  12. how did you get that cookie clicker theme?

  13. I didn't get the achievement for some reason. Do you know why.

  14. Hey, when i reincarnate how can i diablesa that upgrade that gives me free cursors and grandmas to start at 0?

  15. I've gotten the achievemnt now but I'm struggling to ascend and go back to normal mode. I still have about an octillion to go (because I did this challenge after about four ascensions) and I'm only at 1.7 million cookies. I feel like this will take weeks :/

  16. I got true neverclick unfair and unsquare, somehow I had all debug upgrades in my stats menu and when I clicked on the purple face guy, I got lots of cookies fast, and that’s how I got both neverclick and true neverclick

  17. 1 cursor: 100/0.1=1000s
    2 cursors:(18/0.1)+(100/0.2)=680s
    3 cursors:(18/0.1)+(20/0.2)+(100/0.3)=613s
    4 cursors:(18/0.1)+(20/0.2)+(23/0.3)+(100/0.4)=607s
    5 cursors:(18/0.1)+(20/0.2)+(23/0.3)+(27/0.4)+(100/0.5)=624s

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