Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievement Guide: Last Chance To See -

Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievement Guide: Last Chance To See

Aza Nice
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I show you the fastest methods to get a shiny wrinkler in Cookie Clicker
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  1. I was using a hacked account but i didnt press the unlock all achievs button and i got this shadow achievement from pure luck

  2. i have popped over 30K wrinklers and not seen one it as actually mad

  3. I got my shiny wrinkler after 1000 popped, I left some js code running on the web version that popped every wrinkler besides shinies. I also got a shiny wrinkler on the mobile version after 1000 so yeah I’m lucky I guess

  4. I’ve gotten a total of two shiny wrinklers AND two golden lumps. My luck has been insane

  5. You lucky devil. I had to pop 15K before I got one. This achievement is fairly easy to figure out how to do optimally, but I neglected the nursetulip, so I guess I'll keep it in mind should I do it again.

  6. Glad you're back!! Also thanks for making this guide. I was trying to get it not too long ago and after 2 days of non stop trying I got burned out on CC. I'll try to get it again soon. 🙂

  7. Yo aza nice I love your vids. I have been playing cookie clicker a lot recently and I've been watching your optimal guides. Glad to see you back!

  8. I was incredibly lucky that day because I popes 5 wrinkles and got it 😂😂😂

  9. Is there any shadow achievement for playing a year without ascending?
    I know there is one for playing the game for one year. And now I'm thinking about can I ascend or should I wait.

  10. So i was playing some cookie clicker and watching your optimized run #4 video, and I got the 3rd lucky upgrade called get lucky. But now when I'm getting the second cookie when I have the effects from the first one, its always either frenzy or lucky. Is this a glitch, or like something for web version? because it's kind of hard to progress any farther without the building special.

  11. Thank you for making your tutorials but i was wondering what i do when i’m trying to mutate a plant but one grows a lot faster than the other?

  12. is it cookies per second or clicks per second in cps in cookie clicker I have played cookieclicker for 4 days

  13. How do you have true neverclick and this 1 milion in 15 minutes all at once?

  14. How the frick did you get 53 douvigintillion cookies?

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