Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievement Guide: Gaseous Assets -

Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievement Guide: Gaseous Assets

Aza Nice
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My strategy for the Cookie Clicker stock market
Mouse cursor:

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  1. i've got stocks that have gone down to the minimum(1$)
    and the cookies stock once went up to 260 dollars
    so the aura definitely works

  2. Thanks for fueling more information into my small head

  3. i don't play cookie clicker but just got recommended this, wtf

  4. Thank you for this! I currently have $5 million in profits so far. I will make sure to use this!

  5. I did it with level 1 banks and without supreme intellect. Kinda wish I waited for this video, ha ha! I'm sure many will find this useful.

  6. if ur profits were like for example 2 mil and in a different ascension 29 mil will i get the achievement or do i need to get all the 31 mil in one ascension?

  7. I'm currently level 20 banks and still it's being painful. I've been playing this run 165 days (probably a half of those of active playing) and my benefits are just in the 15 millions.

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