Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievement Guide: Endless Cycle -

Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievement Guide: Endless Cycle

Aza Nice
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  1. In summary, having around 5 quadrillion legacy gives you the fastest way to gain more legacy so you should aim for the achievement at that stage

  2. i really do feel like you can run this grind at any time past a few hundred billion legacy. i did it at 250 billion, and after a bit of optimizations i was getting an average of 12 seconds per ascension, without having to spam click buy buildings, which was nice on my hands

    also bmc is a throwback, i really do hope they make a BTD6 style one, i would play the hell out of it

  3. Limes apparently he called us gods lol
    gg on 1k ascends and we’re hyped to see you hitting trevigintillion!

  4. Yoo I was watching Ur videos that are 1 year ago to get help

  5. Yeah i did this at a few quintillion heavenly chips, took way longer than if I had done it earlier but I got it so I'm not complaining

  6. Funnily enough you made a video on this at the same time as im going for the achievement lol. I'll share some personal tips that I have.

    I currently have around 10 trillion prestoge levels. To ascend as fast as possible, i spam buying all upgrades, and then buy as many cursors and grandmas as possible, then repeat the process. At 550 cursors you can buy the final upgrade for it which gets you enough cps to ascend. Using this method takes about 15 seconds to ascend, and you probably only need a few hundred billion prestige levels for this.

    Also, when you ascend, you can press the escape key to instantly skip the cookie breaking animation, saving a few seconds each time.

    Im currently at 750 ascencions and later today ill work my way to 1000

  7. 38 quintillion prestige will make your combos broken. I did a frenzy + elder frenzy + click frenzy + building special at 37 quintillion and got 200 duovigintillion. your combos are gonna be insane

  8. Idk how much cookie you have
    but here a 1000 cookies for u
    Theres also an achievement for making your clone looks like grandma can u make a vid about that?

  9. I started at ~100 trillion. Also I got another Golden Lump… So that's 3… In ~100 days ._. W H A T!?!

  10. Only a true chad would play BTD5 in the background 💪

  11. hey Aza I wanted to ask, do you play on the Steam release of the game? or do you play the web-based version? if you do play in the steam release, how do you quick-reload, like you did in your quadcasting video? I have tried different addons from the workshop and different hotkey combinations but none of this seems to work, I would really appreciate if you could help me on this. Also awesome video, I love your content!

  12. here what to type to get dev tools i saysopensesame

  13. Thats why I used a macro for the last 400 ascensions, I just dont want to do all that by hand.

  14. Huh? I don't get this video… I have just 1 quadrillion legacy. When I only buy all upgrades, then switch to buy only cursors and grannies in 100s as much as afford then go back to buy upgrades. Do that back and forth until I have the 100% legacy upgrade, I already can ascend and it takes me <10sec? I don't need any mods or anything for that? Also, no need to open Pantheon or do cookie dragon stuff? What is he missing? I have no cheats or mods on my account.

  15. I waited far to long for this achievemnet prestige came in in bouts of 33 000, a frenzy, click combo with loans, golden switch and the highest krublor auras was nessesry to ascend.

  16. Hey I've been trying to figure out frenzy + click frenzy using godzamok but it doesn't seem to show the returns that I've seen in your past videos or other people's I sold like 400 buildings plus bought like 300 back that were very cheap to do and then sold em again and only seemed to gain like 10 trillion cookies I've about 500 million base cps maybe I need to start buying buildings to increase the cps so it multiples alot more cps idkkk

  17. Is using the reload mod patched for the garden it seems to keep going with the timer as I reload even in offline mode plssss help

  18. TUFJTHwxNjg3MjcwMDU5NTEwfDk2MXwzNCA2fEhhcHB5IFR1ZXNkYXkhfA==

    Code so I can get the achievement!

  19. It's easily doable in 6-7 seconds, all you have to do is get ~700 cursors, 700 grandmas, and upgrades.
    I also skip the cookie breaking animation by hitting ESC.

  20. Aren't there any add-ons that would help get this achievement on browser?

  21. Wait. Does +1 prestige level count towards an ascension? I thought i was doomed because i saw somewhere that it was the amount gained from the last ascension +1 for it to count

  22. I have a question what did you use in the 5 permanent upgrade slots

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