Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievement Guide: 4 Leaf Cookie [3 Methods] -

Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievement Guide: 4 Leaf Cookie [3 Methods]

Aza Nice
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Today I will show you how to get a shadow achievement called 4 leaf cookie


  1. Big thanks to voxelsilk for telling be about the second strategy

  2. I guess you also use the lucky fortune ?

  3. I want to thank you for those guides . it seriously helped me enjoy the game more .

  4. Huge respect for your commitment to this game

  5. I'm somewhat new to Cookie Clicker. Why is ur prestige/legacy thing constantly ticking up like that?

  6. Your first (and easiest) method doesn't seem to work for me. Your webcam is blocking crucial information – your wizard tower level. My wizard tower level is 10 which seems to screw up the math. My max mana is 109. When I go from 621 to 21 wizard towers, my mana goes ends up being 33/34 instead of your 23/23

  7. Do you have any guides for the Shadow Achievement "When the Cookies Ascend Just Right"?

  8. Can you make a video about the forgotten madeline aswell, I dont seem to see any guides on that acheivment either. Also what amount of wizard towers should i use if i have level 3 wizard towers?

  9. He said you need more than 500 wizard towers, but you can also have more than 400 towers. I just got the achievement like a minute ago and I had less than 500 wizard towers.

  10. actually amazing guides, thank you so much. Do you have garden guides for some of the plants? I can't seem to get any of my plants to mutate at all

  11. now i know that gd players also play cookie clicker LOL

  12. First one worked perfectly!! Thank you!!!!!!

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