Cookie Clicker Secrets you MUST KNOW! Cookie Clicker Easter Eggs (2018) -

Cookie Clicker Secrets you MUST KNOW! Cookie Clicker Easter Eggs (2018)

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!!EPILEPSY WARNING!! In this video we show you some fun Cookie Clicker secrets that you might have not been aware of. These easter eggs will allow for all kinds of cosmetic tweaks and general craziness.

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– Toys: Game.TOYS = true;
– Grandma Cookie: Game.addClass(“elderWrath”);
– Party: Game.PARTY = true;
– FPS: Game.fps = 1000;

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  1. You sound like a leftist asshole2028… Return of Jesus… Get right, do not take the unholy Mark of the Beast!

  2. Chocolate because it tastes good also I've been trying to figure out some of these out for a while so this was pretty useful

  3. Trickster-Trump's Tremendous Trespassing Tricks says:

    Green inferno milk dammit, it's green…

  4. Please make a video about the fourth and the fifth ascencion.

  5. Do You guys have the coad down below here

    game.earn (how much cookies You want here!!)


  6. Just like Game.earn(99999999999999) and You will Get 999999999999 cookies.
    You Can also do the same with legacy😎🤩

  7. Name your name yournamesayssimonsays and you get dev commands

  8. i think this is what lsd does to people Lawl. Nope

  9. WTF? how come your legacy progress bar is progressing that fast….? you use hack on it as well? (for me its like x10000 slower since I only started playing about 5 days ago).

  10. I know im late, but you should do Avocado milk!

  11. im so late but if ur doing a cookie clicker video ever ever again u should go to console go to the search bar and enter Game.Earn(99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999) and then press enter u can do more 9s if u want mor cookies

  12. Secret archivement put orteil on the name

  13. What is the best first number to ascend at for your legacy? Since it is my first time, I would like to know what would be the best time to ascend

  14. here is a easter egg:if you click the cookie in coockies baked (all time)you will get the "tiny cookie" achievement

  15. so if you lost your zombify grandma thing use the text below me

  16. How do u have those animals eating the cookies I have none

  17. Game.Cookies = 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  18. Dude, almost now i got to a bug or idk but i got tons and tons of multiplers of anything, like x777 the production of every buiding, anyone know about that?

  19. I just realized that there is 69 comments and this is the 70th

  20. If you click 50 times on the news slot you will earn a achievment, i discovered it rondomly lol

  21. what are those orange drills going into the cookie?

  22. Goes back to cookie clicker:

    cookie clicker: YoU HaVe InFiNfIniTy CoOkIeS

  23. 'Oh, hello!',

    'hey, how's it hangin',

    'About to cheat in some cookies or just checking for bugs?',

    'Remember : cheated cookies taste awful!',

    'Hey, Orteil here. Cheated cookies taste awful… or do they?',

  24. The cookie face one is so funny

  25. what about saysopensesame at the end of ur name?

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