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Cookie Clicker saysopensesame

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By naming yourself [your name] saysopensesame, you can get developer tools. These are not hacks and are built into the game.


  1. i dont get the dev tools? Do i need to wipe my save or just ascend

  2. for some reason I am typing the name and it doesn't work. is there a typo?"Neko saysopensesame"and I am on the steam version. does that have something to do with it?

  3. bet 1$ this is the most known avatar says:

    How to close it without resting? (i only got it because i wanted to get my progress back after it was gone and now it looks like im cheating)

  4. im so mad because i didnt know about this and played cc for 1 and a half years just to find out ppl can reach my progress in 20 mins.edit: just so you know, 20 mins as in a few secs of auto clicking. i had everything level 20 and 3350 upgrades.

  5. No longer my most popular video, but was before my GD glitch video absolutely exploded

  6. I have infinity cookie cuz I got the same hack as you on my laptop

  7. this is how to get the grandmapocolypse in 0.6 seconds

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