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Cookie Clicker Review

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Hi Horses, this is my review of the game Cookie Clicker.



  1. Hey Mr.girl
    I wanted to tell you from the bottom of my heart….

    F U and the horse you rode in on


    Have a nice day

    : )

  2. Anyone know the name of the background music?

  3. I feel like I haven't been this "wow'd" by a review video since I found Dunkey. Fucking bravo, this is video is fantastic.

  4. “But…isn’t just clicking a cook-“ slap Its more than that my friend… it’s a lifestyle that consumes us all… o_o;

  5. Self-replicating cancer squad represent! But honesty and helping people is not what makes the numbers go up the fastest (though it is recommended for sanity+staying power), and the desire to self replicate doesn't give us the ability to do so. Change is a constant, we're extremely mutagenic. You're not even the person you were yesterday. You have more cookies now.

  6. "then you'll feel a little tingle you might mistake for fun or joy"
    As someone who has played this game for years this is so true, I don't really feel any fun playing, just a sense of purpose. Its incredibly strange, I guess its dopamine reacting to a rising number. I really hope this video blows up for you, its really good.

  7. Hey Max. I've been facinated by finding someone actually honest, looking through all the content on your website. I think theres a connection that you're missing between your recognition of the different ways men and woman are portrayed and treated and trans issues.

    While its true, i think, that self hatred is an important aspect. I think that Envy of woman's right to be allowed to feel things and be treated decently by people, desired by people, permissiveness to commit violence toward people make up an enormous part of it. At least for me. I've never heard any other trans person mention this so i always question if im 'really trans', but personally, the desire to be a woman is wrapped up in Envy. Like, if i was just born a girl, i wouldn't be looking on jealous of how teachers protected girls while i got stuffed in with the smelly violent lunatic pen.

    With all the homer sympsons and whatever other loser men in media. And even, all the things you say about action movies. You seem to acknowledge the retarded messaging of masculinity there, and how it seeps into how people are treated in real life. I think its totally logical for someone to be like… Fuuuck all that for me, i wanna go off with those other ones that are portrayed as perfect etherial genius fairies who are coddled and enabled. I want to be coddled and enabled dammit.

  8. I value the truth above all else. It's agonizing seeing people hold in how they really feel

  9. 3k likes, 41 dislikes. The tides are turning Max.

  10. Reminder: this is the guy who likes cuties

  11. Someone posted this video on the cookie clicker subreddit, and I am so glad I clicked!

  12. hey max, you make insanely good shit. I hope the quitting your job is for the better, love you be safe

  13. how can we find the music you used in the end part?

  14. Ay0 where all my Persons Attracted to Minors at? Such a wholesome community, please respond.

  15. Bro I can't figure out where I recognize you from, I know you live in the same area as me and I definitely recognize you somehow and it's driving me nuts lol all day long I've been sitting here like where have I seen him?

  16. Aint nobody got the maw to vore that many cookies.

  17. You cared about making the numbers go up, you just didn't consciously believe that need was within you. The time spent expressing yourself just for the sake of it, to then see yourself spike in fame, then become allured by the chemical rush of becoming something more than your current self to the world. This is just another aspect of the darkness we keep inside of ourselves.

    There's no shame in being human. Dismantle and deconstruct the self, observe and accept the components we all share, what is ingrained in our nature, and move on with life.

    Your fans carry this same burden. Let yourself keep moving forward with an open mind, in pursuit of truth. Nothing inherently carries meaning, but holistic, deterministic truths can be pillars to ground oneself from to create our own contributions to existence..

  18. Soooo is cookie clicker like an 8/10 or something? Kinda sensing some mixed signals in the video.

  19. I'm so glad to see that you're blowing up. Your content is the best I've seen in a long time

  20. Or maybe, the never being satisfied is normal, but how you channel it could either be good or evil.

    Do you cultivate a cult or take people to Mars? Choose.

  21. This guy admitted of being a peydo, yet people still listen to whatever he has to say? Just search for Vince James vs MrGirl to hear how a subversive ju keeps failing at every step.

  22. MrGirl is now a full time cookie clicker and he quit his job to do it full time. I don't know how you're going to support yourself by playing cookie clicker but it's good you're chasing your dreams

  23. Great stuff. I'll make sure to increment the number by one.

  24. I Love this guy, I'd love to have a conversation with him one day maybe fate will make it happen, who knows

  25. tha fuck am I doing with my life! *downloading cookie clicker

  26. Love the music and I really like the shot from inside the oven

  27. I just discovered cooker clicker recently too so this is weird timing.

  28. You are in love with Destiny, and therefore in love with yourself, scuffed Destiny.

  29. maybe we want to be the golden cookie. maybe that’s this side’s definition of evil.

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