Cookie Clicker: Rags to Riches - 600 CpS to 5.5 billion CpS! -

Cookie Clicker: Rags to Riches – 600 CpS to 5.5 billion CpS!

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Update: Check out the sequel to this video, Rags to Riches 2, where I go from 0-100 TRILLION CpS, in around 6 minutes! (Plus some time for me to ramble :3)

Hello everyone, welcome to a short time lapse I felt like making, depicting the first 30 minutes or so of my new Cookie Clicker game, played back at 5x speed. As the title says, I go from a little over 600 cookies per second to almost 5.5 billion a second! Thanks to the Heavenly Chips, I was able to test out a slightly different play style, in which I more or less skip all but the best 3 buildings until much later on. Enjoy! 😀


Credit for the music goes to Kevin MacLeod over at 😀

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  1. Gosh, the game was a lot simpler than it is now! How things have changed!

  2. It was mostly thanks to the heavenly chips I got from reseting, really speeds up the starting phases of the game :3

  3. How do you get 1907 heavenly chips? How many cookies did you have when you reset your game or how many times have you resetted your game?

  4. I had over 1.7 quintillion cookies, so yeah that would equal a LOT of heavenly chips, haha

  5. Oh wow, i only have around 2 trillion i think it's, haha

  6. Yeah, it would take quite a while to get as many as I had, even with a ton of heavenly chips, which is why to be honest, I did cheat a bit to get that many. I just was kinda getting bored, and I wanted to play through the starting phases again, cause I actually had a lot of fun with this video. You can watch me previous cookie clicker video to see what I mean with how I cheated, and exactly how many cookies I had 😛

  7. What are 'Heavenly Chips'?
    I have never restarted my game…

  8. They work something like this, I believe. For every 1 trillion cookies you have when you reset, you get a heavenly chip, and for every heavenly chip you have, you get +2% CpS (only +1% in 1.037).

  9. I'll put it in the description, since there aren't enough characters in comments :3

    Although just so you know, it isn't quite the same save, I've gotten farther since this video

  10. i currently have 19.8 billion CPS and 8.6 quadrillion total cookies baked

  11. How many times can you reset? Can you reset multiple times to stack up chips?

  12. the nth chip costs n trillion more than the previous one. 1 chip costs 1 trillion, 2 chips cost 3 trillion, 3 chips cost 6 trillion, 4 chips cost 10 trillion, yada yada yada

  13. You can reset as many times as you want, however if you reset twice at 1 trillion cookies made you will still only have 1 chip because 2 chips cost 3 trillion total, So it takes in to account the amount of cookies you've reset in the past, and your current game just adds to those to figure out how many chips you will acquire

  14. This video in itself isn't cheated, although I did in the game previous to the reset I did right before this. I actually just spawned in one cookie quite a while ago, just to get the achievement earlier :3

  15. 100 trilion cps 36000 heavnley chips no cheats

  16. 3,885,959,302,254,805 cookies all time (no resets)

  17. I still don't understand completly how to get heavenly chips.
    can anyone help fill me in?

  18. Woah, this guy is a hacker/cheater- At least once he has set his cookies to a certain number as he has the shadow achievement of "Hacked cookies taste awful" which only activates if the value of cookies is changed through the game console.

  19. Didnt know that heavenly chips went so far back in the game. Huh. Nice vid!

  20. I'm waiting until I have 212 heavenly chips

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