Cookie Clicker Playthrough #2 - Episode 5 -

Cookie Clicker Playthrough #2 – Episode 5

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  1. I’m watching this while having 3thousand of everything

  2. Concerning Holobore being "broken", take a good look at his description, the one in red!

  3. Well, you complain that the game is broken, but you don't even read the effect of him. If you did that, you would know that he gets out of the spot upon the pickup of a golden cookie. Really sad to see, that you don't even mind to give any efford into this, as you don't even read the descriptions… Well, don't play it if you don't want to put at least some effort into it and do other videos instead! It is indeed more fun to watch a series where you have more fun and put more effort in than this! Sad…

  4. The spirit thing that keeps breaking. It gets removed when you click on a Golden coockie, as it says in its description… great series though keep it up

  5. By the way I have a save file that is more or less where you left off in the last series. I could just give it to you and you can pick up from there. Not sure if you want to do that but it would put you into the endgame if you think that would be more enjoyable. Let me know.

  6. Dont use middleweed its usless and takes over nearby plants freeze garden when gone and plant bakers wheat in 3 of the 4 spots leaving on empty keep doing that and soon it will mutate into a different seed with better effects

  7. Everyone is complaining at him but at least his trying

  8. The golden cookie effects aren't boosting your farm. If you read it it says your farms are boosting your entire cookie production by a certain percentage so it actually is doing a whole lot

  9. The game is not broken, Read the red text on holobore, if you click a golden cookie, it will unslot.

  10. at 4.20 that spirit always break cuz you click on the golden cookies 😛 you should read abit it is written in red.

  11. I`m trying to install this cookie clicker on computer and i cant find it how do i install the game

  12. Does anyone have realise you can cheat at cookie clicker without any mods

  13. It doesn’t make sense to me well you see llama if you use a simple skill reading wowwwwwwww 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 to find out why it keeps unslotting

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